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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

My father & I have few similarities... We're both born in May... We both listen to ALL types of music... We both love sports... We both are nerds when it comes to anything to do with comics (books, movies, etc.)... What separates us is what almost destroyed our relationship... Growing up as the eldest of two, my father always held me responsible for (what I felt anyway, lol) everything. Although I didn't agree with his methods or philosophies sometimes, I can't help but say that he helped me. Being that 9 of any 10 friends that I had at any point in my life didn't really have their father in their lives, I had no choice but to be grateful for the fact that regardless of our disagreements: My Father Is Here... Though I felt things were unfair for me, that I missed out on things, that I didn't have the relationship with him I wanted, I kept thinking: My Father Is Here... We're in a world now where Father's Day isn't a holiday to pay homage to men taking care of their children. It's a reminder of how life doesn't work how you want it... A reminder of why people live the life they live or don't... A reminder of struggle, pain, and anguish... A reminder of knowing that people don't have their father in their lives... It's funny how downplayed Father's Day is really... Think about it: When people shout out Father's Day (wherever it might be) it's more common to see comments like: "Happy Father's Day to the REAL fathers" "Happy Father's Day to my mother for being more than a father"... You also see common phrases like: "biological dad" & "sperm donor"... You don't see Mother's Day having comments such as these... You don't see "Happy Mother's Day to my father for being a better mother than that lady that gave birth to me"... Something's gotta change... I think my "Pop Diggity" had it right... He was there... He's the prime influence, model, example of a father that the world should follow.... Maybe then Father's Day wouldn't be so negative... It would get the credit it deserves... With all that said... I love & appreciate my father not just for all the things I've learned from him and not just because he helped mold me & my brother into men... But simply because he was there... And he's still here... Being a Father

Love ya Pop
Happy Father's Day to you and every other Father that's "there"

Superman. Out


"Betta late than never... but never late is better"

It's been almost a month since I last made a post... Within that month MUCH has changed... And it doesn't look like it's going to stop changing anytime soon... With that said... here's the update:

  • The Month of Celebration has ended...
  • My birthday weekend was CRAZY... (in a good way & negative drama filled way)
  • The 11 Months of Determination has started
  • Happy Birthday Lyss & Rob! (my "other" siblings)
  • The breakup is over... Love has returned...
  • Relocating... out of my apt... Call it a "Trial Run"
  • The "process" @ my job has finally begun
  • J-Rellz is back home gettin his GRIND ON! (finally lol... somebody get him a deal!!!)
  • I'm officially an editor lol :) (Shoutout to FeliciaEllureVerna.wordpress.com)
  • Some might call me a "Club Head" (That's gotta stop... REAL soon)
  • Thank Me Later and Recovery surprised me by being my albums of the summer
  • Season 3 of The Boondocks is a replacement of "Church" on Sundays (Kanye Shrug) #imjustsayin
  • Get Him To The Greek was hilarious!
  • I've finally had to let Alicia Keys go :'(
  • Book of Eli is easily one of my favorite movies.... ever
  • Life throws curves... smh... nuff said

Sorry it's been so long... but your favorite superhero has returned... again... (sigh)

New stories, ideas, and most importantly POEMS COMING SOON!!

Superman. Out.