A Heartfelt Welcome

To those of you who call me friend, those of you that call me love, those of you who call me brother, those of you that call me son, those of you who call me hero, & those of you who don't know me at all: I welcome you to the mind of a man who's destined to save the world...
1 word at a time.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New blog

Hey go check out SoopaDoopaPoet.tumblr.com!!!

That's all... I think I still might keep this one... We'll see

(Greg Shrug)

Soopa. Out.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Under Construction

Hello there! It's been quite some time since I've posted to this blog. I've been quite busy in Charlotte (I'll explain at a later date #GregShrug) Much has happened within the past year and the poetic and human growth that has taken place as a result is real. The following poems are some of the most recent pieces I've completed and edited that can attest to that. Hopefully you enjoy! Please leave a comment or two. I can take constructive criticism as long as you're not throwing shade. haha

Also, while these poems have been posted I'm currently in the works of creating an entirely new blog... Stay tuned for the announcement of the new site!

Speak life
See ya soon

Superman. Out.

My Kids, My Everything

The kids in my hood are my everything

It brings me joy when I hear their laughter
When they play games in the street
When they introduce each other to the new kid
When the ground shakes
from all the movement their tiny feet make
it brings a grin to my face

Although they have their biological parents
I'm everyone's Pop on this block
And my kids are my everything

So on those really hot days
When the steam is rising up from the pavement
When the heat from that fireball in the sky
proves to be unbearable
That's when I become
Popsicle Pop
Ice Cream Dad

Go to the fridge
Grab all the cool and refreshing treats
Walk outside
and pass them all out to
everyone that wants one

I'm not a kid kidnapper
or a really creepy dude or anything
I just love my kids and their laughter
and I want them to have everything
Because my kids are my everything

I've been here for as long as anyone can remember
So there's no secret about what I do
I do what I do
because I have the means to
As well as a humongous heart too
So it hurts twice as hard
When the group disperses
after receiving what's been given
and only one or two
will actually take the time
to look me in my eyes and say
Thank you 
Thank you for quenching my thirst 
For handing me the elixir 
that evaporates the evil in my existence 
You didn't have to do this 
But you do it anyway

I had a son myself some time ago
and he was taken from this world
from the very people I sought to help
This is no different from today
I love my kids and for their future
I'm hopeful
But it irks me when
they're ungrateful

I don't have to cool them down
I don't have to bless them
But I do
because they're my kids
and my kids are my everything

I just wish they'd be a little more appreciative
I just want a hug, a high five, something!
Don't act like I'm not here
Don't act like you got yourself out of the fire
Yes you have power and favor
because you know me
but don't abuse me

I'm here for you
but should I be
with all the trouble you get into?
Didn't think so
But regardless of the weather
I'll still be here
on the block
passing out popsicles of peace
giving out inspiration ice cream and
distributing hopes and dreams
just to hear my children's laughter

I can do that
because after all
I am God
and you,
my kids, are my everything

Killed Cats

"What are you doing?"

It's the question I get asked the most
when me and my "Rachel McAdams" are alone
I'm sure people don't mean to cockblock
but I don't think they've realized what they've stopped

I'm cool though
I'm kind though
So I tell them

"I'm writing poems"

The reaction is always the same
Wide eyes and short gasps occur
when they try to grasp the concept that
I'm doing what I said

It's almost like they don't believe me
Almost like I look like I shouldn't be
painting feelings to my canvas

No worries
No biggie
I've learned curiosity can be a muthaf*cka
and you'd be surprised how many cats I've killed

just for being nosy

Cut Off

"It ain't nothin to cut that b*tch off"

Am I wrong for liking that song?
Because truer words have never been spoken
A heart that's been broken
as many times as mine
has got to grow cold at some time

And here I am

No disrespect to women
but if you not about adding value to me
then the scissors have to appear
Sometimes this requires a spear
or a sword
Whores will never be associated with me again

The Noah in me has arrived

I'm striving to be a king
and a good king
has a great queen
I believe I've met one

So peasants and pretty wanna-be princesses
get lost
You might think you're a queen
But I'm witnessing one now
And it's that one unloyal and unroyal trait
that has gotten broads cut off

Celebration (May 21, 2014)

"You know what this is
It's a celebration b*tches!"

Are you ready?
No negative thoughts tonight
No worries about work tonight
Tonight is my night
and yours too

The whole crew's in here
This is my new years
Excuse me while I celebrate my life
Pardon me for being happy I'm still alive
You don't know my story
but I'm bathing in my glory

So put your drinks up
Cut the music up
I hope you left your f*cks and cares at home
Cause there will be none given or taken tonight

This is a celebration
Forgive your past
Appreciate the fact it didn't last past
where you are now
Forget what you're going through now
At least for tonight

No sad faces tonight
Your mind is only in one place for the night
Get right
Get live
Get Soopa
Get happy
Love life

Because it's my day
Your day
Everybody's day
and the celebration tonight
is here to stay


My heart
My spirit
They're shattered glass
that's been scattered past
the sands and oceans

I wrote that in a poem once
Never did I think something I wrote
to describe myself
would or could be applied
to someone else
on this level

And then I met you

I caught it early too
I found it interesting how
the songs that played between us
the ones we verbally danced back and forth to
they all referred to that one past love

The one we were supposed to spend
the rest of our lives with
The one that had that kung-fu grip on our hearts
our lives

And without warning
without a disclaimer
without any gratitude
they let go
and lit the fuse
Then boom

Our worlds were obliterated
decimated, demolished
Even after we accepted the fact
we were bombing victims
we were still broken beyond comprehension
To the point where all that's left now
are pieces

I see a bit of myself in you
No not sexually
I'm lying
Definitely sexually
But I mean it more spiritually
We are puzzles left incomplete
Trying to figure out what the picture
that is our future is supposed to be

I don't know your whole story
and you don't know mine
and maybe we're not supposed to
But I do know I hope our pieces become intertwined
And I'm able to help you put yourself back together
and vice versa

We'd like to think they hurt us
No, they helped us
They were the storms that rained down on the soil
that was our souls
and moved away
so the sun rays can beam on us
and make us grow

I already see you as a beautiful tulip
but I believe you could one day be a tree
like me
or at least that's what I'm trying to be

Hopefully it's not for a short season
but our snapped shells met and melded together
for a reason
and for that
I'm eternally grateful
My mind screams at the top of its lungs

"Thank you"

You are not only a breath of fresh air
You're a sweet sigh of relief
Someone that understands me
when I wrote in a poem once

I'm a million piece jigsaw puzzle
waiting to be labeled complete

I Wonder

I wonder if you know what it means

That you still have dreams
Dreams about me dying
Dying in a blaze
or however many other ways
you've seen it in your sleep

You still have dreams of me
Or since they're death dreams
they're really considered nightmares right?

I wonder if you know what it means

What were my last words?
Did I scream?
Did I ask God to bring me home
in a golden limousine?
Did I perish slowly?
I bet I did

I wonder if you know what it means

You probably don't
but I do
You're blind to the reality in front of you
Your dreams mean
I'm literally dying before your very eyes
What you experience when you lose consciousness
is exactly what's happening on a daily basis

I'm not dying by accident
These are murders you are witnessing
Suicides actually
I'm killing whatever images you still keep of me
See that little boy you used to
know and control
is dead and gone now
It just took a couple times

Suicide attempts multiplied by 5
and that boy's breath still wouldn't subside
Until now
Until the dream felt so real
you thought I was really gone
Funny... because I am
and you don't even realize it
I've gone to a better place

and I wonder if you know what that means

Chivalry Isn't Dead

It's extremely rare
An endangered species
Dodo bird/Bald Eagle status

You barely ever see it
But when you do
you gaze upon it in amazement
Wondering how does this not
happen to me?

Chivalry is not dead

It just lives in the basement
in that one dark corner
that remains untouched
until it's needed
But it's always needed

Integrity is a ball made of pigskin
being tossed around a field
until someone scores
then spiked on a grass-like floor

Girls posing as whores
are being glorified
for showing their glory holes
Little boys posing as bosses
are being praised
for how much bread they toss

Chivalry is not dead

It's a little lost
Trying to find its place, its purpose
in a world filled with
"Ain't Sh*t A**holes" and
"Wanna-Be Bad B*tches"
It's sickening to me

Maybe I've been spoiled by what I've seen
I watched my parents
still love and cherish each other
after 30+ years of being married
So I guess I feel the need
to carry on that legacy

Call me Mr. Chivalry Murray
Opening establishment doors
Closing car doors
Financing first dates
Making sure she's not back home late
unless she want's me in her home late

I know dudes are gonna hate
because they can't do what I do
I know girls ain't gonna be attracted
because I'm something they're not used to

But I will remain true to who I am
and who I am
is not only a man
but a gentleman
85% of the time
The other 15% is reserved for bedtime
I'll save that for another poem

Chivalry is not dead

As long as ladies and gentlemen
still thrive
and honestly

Chivalry will never die
for as long as I'm alive

Just A Poet

I ain't much
I'm just a poet
I free my mind from time to time
Well maybe all the time

Maybe my notebook is a nightclub
and I'm the DJ
and I make letters dance together in their groups
to the thoughts I play
The crowd jumps off the dance floor
with every song I drop

But I ain't much
I'm just a poet

Well there was that one time
I took a trip to the moon
I flew there just to put
the our planet in my palms
I put bigger footprints in the moon's sands
than Buzz Aldrin
I had stars in my hand
and threw them to space
to cover the skies in confetti
Had myself a Lone Wolf Lunar Party
but I returned home

Because I'm just a poet

I ain't much
I'm just me

And sometimes my similes and metaphors
pour wisdom into souls
Sometimes my lyrics liberate countries
and free the enslaved
Sometimes I become a mass of
muscle and blood
and God is the puppeteer
Sometimes what I relay comes in clear
and other times comprehension
visits my listeners later

Sometimes I turn haters into believers
Believers into dreamers
Dreamers into overachievers and
Overachievers into angels

I am a poet
I speak, breathe, and eat life
Project strife into a cocoon
and birth it as a butterfly

I am just me
An alien among humans
It just so happens that
I put thoughts, emotions,
struggles and triumphs
to paper

But if you ever get to know me
like really know me
you'll see that I'm so much more
than just a poet