A Heartfelt Welcome

To those of you who call me friend, those of you that call me love, those of you who call me brother, those of you that call me son, those of you who call me hero, & those of you who don't know me at all: I welcome you to the mind of a man who's destined to save the world...
1 word at a time.

Monday, March 22, 2010


To give you a little more insight on "Everything I Am" I'm posting a poem I wrote about well... me! I try not to write anything that's TOO OBVIOUS about what I go through personally but I can't hide from this one. lol Call it a "formal introduction" to those who don't "know" me. If you do know me, maybe a "reaquaintance" if you will lol... Enjoy!


I was never cute

Never handsome

Sexy?!... yeah sure

So what does that make me? Ugly

Dumbo, Ears

Fat Snacks, Punk

These are just a few of the names I was labeled

While growing up

This is what makes me ugly

My index fingers on each hand

Are shaped in a way that someone could question

if there was some type of blood relation

Between me and E.T.

Extending a lingering finger to touch mine

In hopes that if I were to point back a light would shine

“Phone Home” is what they told me

& this is what makes me ugly

22 years old and I still have a bit of baby in me

And when I say that I’m not talking about my behavior

Even though sometimes I act 13

I mean it physically

To be more specific I still have baby teeth

Will they grow back if they fall out?



& this is what makes me ugly

I have a birthmark on my arm that desires to grow and expand with me

Additionally, I’ve never actually really physically fought anybody

I hold my head with my left hand whenever I eat

I know I look skinny but with the way I eat I should be back to weighing 853 lb

I try my best not to approach women… really

For the fear that they’ll think I’m like every other dude trying to get in their panties

Whenever I laugh hysterically, the half hyena comes out of me

I’m too patient, bite-sized urgency

Keepin my cool to the point that I’m freezing any panic pouring out from me

I analyze and critique, give and help generously to everyone else in the world except me

This is what makes me oh so very ugly

So how can God still love me?

Because this is a bittersweet symphony

Now turned into a sugar sweet epiphany

Not an alien but a different human being

Hailing from the planet of Neptune in the state of New Jersey

Add that with the facts or flaws stated before and the result is I

am a word that begins with U but refuses to include the letters g, l, or y

I am just a weird, kinda sorta attractive, “he has a real nice personality”

“Girl we need more men like him”, “Dog I wanna be like him”

Unique type of guy

SOTW (March 22nd-March 28th)

It is time once again for Superman's Song Of The Week. This week's song comes from my favorite rapper (Mr. Kanye West) and my favorite album of his (Graduation). "Everything I Am" is probably the song on the album that best describes me... Nuff Said... "Graduation" was already a personal album I could relate to heavily already. Track 10 was the tip of the iceberg

"Everything I Am" Kanye West
Best Line: "People always sayin what's not for him/ But everything I'm not made me everything I am"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

No Remedy For Sickness

I need y'all prayers... My lil bro is sick... Like really ill... It's ridiculous... Almost disgusting... I just watched a recent video he posted of a rehearsal he did and at about the 1:30 mark my nose started running and i coughed a little bit... That's how sick he is on the drums... He's so contagious that after the video was over i felt the urge to hop on the keyboard and learn some new songs... Just to keep up with the "sickness"... This is what happens when you're born of a family of musicians. My girl says we're like a Black Partridge Family... I say we're a unique case and we should all be admitted into hospitals... we've been sick for quite awhile now... Wanna catch what we got?... Be careful, There's no cure

Superman. Out.

JRellz Gettin ILL!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SOTW (March 15th-21st)

I had to work yesterday so i kinda forgot to post the "Song Of The Week". Better late than never right? This week's song is a personal one. Every time I hear this I sing... without fail. Although I'm not the world's greatest singer I still croon along Ryan Leslie on "Guardian Angel". It's personal because it was introduced to me from my girlfriend as "Our Song" (Yeah i know, Vomit) lol I would love to hear this at my wedding one day (far from now) Enjoy!

This is for you Baby Girl

"Guardian Angel" by Ryan Leslie

Best Line: "We'll protect one another, Be good to another, Love one another, Take care of one another"

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Imperfections Of A Perfection

This is one of the 1st poems i've ever written... Now that I think about it, it's actually the 2nd poem I've ever written... That was 3 years ago (time flies)... It's one of my favorites (among others) and it was very personal at the time. I got tired of being called "perfect" yet nobody was "ready" for me. So this was the end result... Enjoy!

The Imperfections of a Perfection

I am a living and walking

Breathing and talking

Human oxymoron

If that’s some food for thought

That your mind can’t seem to chew on

Let me put it in other words for you:

I’m the perfect man!

I’m the type of dude to willingly hold my girlfriend’s hand

Stand side by side with her at all times

But at the same time give her space

Never really all up in her face

I mean I want her all to myself

But I’m man enough to let her hang with someone else

Stingy, yet never too clingy

Cooking cleaning & laundry

I’ll do whatever my lady wants

Even lay the pipe down from the back or the front

I’m never really this blunt, I’m actually steady on the humble

However I will say I have made some ladies stumble when they walked

And some fumble their words when they talked

Yes indeed I’m the perfect man for any woman you see

And that is why I’m single

I mean I’ll make my woman’s spine tingle

With the sounds of my fingers fiddling up & down the scales of a piano

Serenading her soul, I’m bold enough to wrap my arms around her in public if she’s cold

Not that I need a reason to do that anyway

I’m the fella that’ll please my lady any day

In any way shape or form

I’m so far-fetched from the norm

But that is why I’m single

No 20 something year old female is ready to mingle with “The One”

No 20 something year old female wants to be with someone

Whose son they could potentially want to conceive

Suffocation, it’s hard for them to breathe

No 20 something year old female is ready to receive all the things I am

See, when you’re the perfection of a man

It’s the imperfections of others that you can’t stand

Like the bunch of boys who aren’t able to call themselves “a man”

Ladies call them lames

Giving us gentlemen terrible names

However, you females too make us perfections feel pain

Like the ones who got it stuck in their brain that all men are the same

Or the ones who like to play games with men’s hearts

Then slam them down like a dunk by LeBron James

These tele-visions of material worship are also to blame

It’s time for these deceitful, lying lions to be tamed

Or maybe just maybe

I’m not as perfect as I’m perceived to be

Maybe there are things wrong with me that I don’t see

It’s hard for a perfect man like me to admit that he needs self-direction

That’s probably the worst thing about being a perfection

Correction: That’s probably the key imperfection of being a perfection

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Poems

I've come to the conclusion that I can't call myself a poet, have a blog, and not post any poems. lol... So i've posted 3 poems for yall to enjoy.... More 2 come!... Maybe even a video or 2! ;) Stay Tuned!



I usually don’t do this

But being that I’m a poet

I have to address every issue

I come to

And unfortunately that means

I have to acknowledge even you

Even though I may not have anything

In common with you

Even though in essence I’m hated by you

Even though everything that I’m about to say

Is the absolute truth

I still unfortunately have to acknowledge even you

It’s you that’s the bane of the gentleman’s existence

You who drain the life out of women’s persistence

You who change people’s perspective of life in an instant

For instance

Women stop dating men because of your ways

And because of that a lot of good men are now gay

You are the type to make a baby and not stay

Straying away a child, leaving a single mother in a long-suffering fray

It’s these type of chain reactions

That make us good guys pay for your actions

We can’t get any satisfaction

Because your behavior causes a distraction

That steers away what good men want

And what great women deserve

A time of love, peace, and tranquility

To be served

See I’m trying to be reserved but you anger me

With your nonchalant attitude and selfish pride and glory

Killing women’s dreams and opportunities for me

Just for you to satisfy you being horny

Please, stop playing this game

Learn how to treat a lady and on top of that find a goal to obtain

Until then me and you will never be the same

Because it’s impossible for me to be sane

And at the same time be you whom is a lame

Favorite Things

Favorite Things

Chest pains
And Facial rain

These are a few of my favorite things

Perspiring palms
Stumbling steps
Wondering words
Fumbling fingertips

These are a few of my favorite things

Constant physical reminders that hold true
Repetitious bodily habits providing the clues
To not only the realization of how much need, want and care I carry for you
But also the acknowledgement of the strength your presence gives,
leaving me to be a mere human being without you

These are my favorite things
Just a few
That conjure up the epiphany of how much
I miss you

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Momma's Boy

Today my Mom turns 50!... Well, on paper anyway. She looks and acts as if she isn't a day over 30. However, she has the wisdom of a 87 year old. I am the man I am today because of the things instilled in me from my mother. (& and you too Dad lol) I wanted to write a poem for my mom expressing my gratitude and love for her. Ironically, there was too much to say so I didn't have the time nor the words to do so. So with that being said, Happy 50th Mom & may there be 50 more birthdays for you to celebrate. LOVE YA!

Monday, March 8, 2010

SOTW (March 8th-14th)

The Song of the Week is "Over" by Drake... The 1st single of his highly-anticipated album "Thank Me Later" is playing everywhere at the moment... & when I say everywhere I MEAN EVERYWHERE... That's the kind of buzz Drake has had for the past year and a half. I do enjoy this song, however I'm afraid "Thank Me Later" will not meet the yearlong hype its been given... I guess we'll have to wait and see... Until then here's:

"Over" by Drake

Best Line: "They treat me like a legend, am I really this cold? I'm really too young to be feeling this old"

Sunday, March 7, 2010

J-Rellz Forever

According to my younger sibling Sept. 19th needs to be marked on calendars Worldwide as "Jerel Day". Contrary to his wild semi-self-absorbent belief, March 7th is a day that all need to celebrate. It's the day my little brother was born. Jerel (aka the coolest guy born in the 90s) is a highly talented musician and producer who has been an inspiration to me since he came onto this earth. He has no idea the impact he has had on my life and I greatly appreciate everything he has shown me. Even though, the first maybe 10 years of his life he and I didn't get along too well, Jerel has still taught me how to be a responsible man and how no matter what you gotta love ya family... even if you don't like them sometimes. So with that being said I'd like to say Happy 19th Birthday Jerel. Thanks 4 being the crazy, smart, mean, inspirational person with a sick sense of humor that you are. Lol... Love ya bro! As an ode to "J-Rellz" I'm posting a video of him being my "inspiration"... Since I am his Biggest Fan! This is from 07... One of my favorites... & also a video of Stax N Rellz "bonding" Enjoy! Happy Birthday Jerel! J-Rellz 4EVER!

Monday, March 1, 2010


So every Monday i'll have a song of the week... Being that i already posted my 2010 anthem that'll start SOTW... Enjoy!... Oh I'll take any suggestions you might have also... Hit me up on twitter or facebook with your suggestions!

Anthem of the Year

So I have a song on repeat everyday that I'd like to share with yall. Hope yall enjoy! I love this joint & for those of you who have never heard of J. Cole pay attention closely. He's my new favorite rapper! (Check out his mixtape "The Warm Up") Without any further ado... This is my 2010 anthem:

"Beautiful Bliss" Wale ft. J. Cole & Melanie Fiona
Best Line: "I'm on deck, I'm up next/ I'm God-Blessed, I'm success/ So F*** stress"- J. Cole

I'm A Rapper

One of my favorite poems... Enjoy!