A Heartfelt Welcome

To those of you who call me friend, those of you that call me love, those of you who call me brother, those of you that call me son, those of you who call me hero, & those of you who don't know me at all: I welcome you to the mind of a man who's destined to save the world...
1 word at a time.

Thursday, March 11, 2010



I usually don’t do this

But being that I’m a poet

I have to address every issue

I come to

And unfortunately that means

I have to acknowledge even you

Even though I may not have anything

In common with you

Even though in essence I’m hated by you

Even though everything that I’m about to say

Is the absolute truth

I still unfortunately have to acknowledge even you

It’s you that’s the bane of the gentleman’s existence

You who drain the life out of women’s persistence

You who change people’s perspective of life in an instant

For instance

Women stop dating men because of your ways

And because of that a lot of good men are now gay

You are the type to make a baby and not stay

Straying away a child, leaving a single mother in a long-suffering fray

It’s these type of chain reactions

That make us good guys pay for your actions

We can’t get any satisfaction

Because your behavior causes a distraction

That steers away what good men want

And what great women deserve

A time of love, peace, and tranquility

To be served

See I’m trying to be reserved but you anger me

With your nonchalant attitude and selfish pride and glory

Killing women’s dreams and opportunities for me

Just for you to satisfy you being horny

Please, stop playing this game

Learn how to treat a lady and on top of that find a goal to obtain

Until then me and you will never be the same

Because it’s impossible for me to be sane

And at the same time be you whom is a lame

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