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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Imperfections Of A Perfection

This is one of the 1st poems i've ever written... Now that I think about it, it's actually the 2nd poem I've ever written... That was 3 years ago (time flies)... It's one of my favorites (among others) and it was very personal at the time. I got tired of being called "perfect" yet nobody was "ready" for me. So this was the end result... Enjoy!

The Imperfections of a Perfection

I am a living and walking

Breathing and talking

Human oxymoron

If that’s some food for thought

That your mind can’t seem to chew on

Let me put it in other words for you:

I’m the perfect man!

I’m the type of dude to willingly hold my girlfriend’s hand

Stand side by side with her at all times

But at the same time give her space

Never really all up in her face

I mean I want her all to myself

But I’m man enough to let her hang with someone else

Stingy, yet never too clingy

Cooking cleaning & laundry

I’ll do whatever my lady wants

Even lay the pipe down from the back or the front

I’m never really this blunt, I’m actually steady on the humble

However I will say I have made some ladies stumble when they walked

And some fumble their words when they talked

Yes indeed I’m the perfect man for any woman you see

And that is why I’m single

I mean I’ll make my woman’s spine tingle

With the sounds of my fingers fiddling up & down the scales of a piano

Serenading her soul, I’m bold enough to wrap my arms around her in public if she’s cold

Not that I need a reason to do that anyway

I’m the fella that’ll please my lady any day

In any way shape or form

I’m so far-fetched from the norm

But that is why I’m single

No 20 something year old female is ready to mingle with “The One”

No 20 something year old female wants to be with someone

Whose son they could potentially want to conceive

Suffocation, it’s hard for them to breathe

No 20 something year old female is ready to receive all the things I am

See, when you’re the perfection of a man

It’s the imperfections of others that you can’t stand

Like the bunch of boys who aren’t able to call themselves “a man”

Ladies call them lames

Giving us gentlemen terrible names

However, you females too make us perfections feel pain

Like the ones who got it stuck in their brain that all men are the same

Or the ones who like to play games with men’s hearts

Then slam them down like a dunk by LeBron James

These tele-visions of material worship are also to blame

It’s time for these deceitful, lying lions to be tamed

Or maybe just maybe

I’m not as perfect as I’m perceived to be

Maybe there are things wrong with me that I don’t see

It’s hard for a perfect man like me to admit that he needs self-direction

That’s probably the worst thing about being a perfection

Correction: That’s probably the key imperfection of being a perfection

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