A Heartfelt Welcome

To those of you who call me friend, those of you that call me love, those of you who call me brother, those of you that call me son, those of you who call me hero, & those of you who don't know me at all: I welcome you to the mind of a man who's destined to save the world...
1 word at a time.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Why Did He Give Me Keys?

This poem was written 2 & a half years ago... It was for an assignment I had in a poetry workshop... The group of us were all sitting in desk arranged in this huge circle. The professor asked us to take out one random item (whether it be from a bag, pocket, purse, etc.) and give it to the student sitting across from us. Whatever was on your desk, you had to write a poem about it, or include it in a poem. I gave someone a Miami Heat hat I had on that day. A guy sitting across from me gave me a karabiner with keys on it. Ironically (considering my accident and all the drama afterward), I came up with this:

Why Did He Give Me Keys?

I asked for them myself
A karabiner is given
And it’s destined for death
Because of what’s on my breath

It’s a lethal mistake
We’re in a place where
Walls spin counterclockwise, where
Eyes are either wide or shut, where
Vibrations of the earth are not made
from moving plates, but rather from
the sweet escape musical notes will
take one to.

A screamed announcement
Starts the stumbling stampede
And you hand me the keys to my Hyundai
Thank you for everything
My funeral’s on Monday

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Last week
I got demoted
From my position
Of power
Back to just
A mere associate

When I received the notice
I acted like I didn't already notice
What was bound to happen
Considering the conversations I had
With the manager
In her office

Not only cause of lack of focus
I lost this opportunity
Because of my maturity
Apparently since I'm carefree
From time to time
And I allow
wandering & questioning thoughts
& the opinions of peers
To cross my mind
Considered guilty
For innocently
Committing a crime

My job
Was to lead
But I didn't succeed
I didn't supply
Enough effort
To meet
The demands
The wants
The needs
Of what was
Required of me

I'm a great worker
An excellent person
But if she can't see that
What's it worth then?

Is it worth me staying?
Knowing I've got the potential
To be playing
The position
I need to be
But because of my "inadequacies"
Its now a place I'll never reach
A setting I'll never see
Since somebody has already
Filled out their application
Been interviewed twice
And has been hired
To replace me

As much as I don't want to believe
That this is the end for me
It's devastating not meeting
A goal
You've been patiently waiting for
It is only an occupation
& amidst all the frustration
There will be soon a time of elation

Til then I'm saying
All I wanted to do was
To excel at my duties
To love
& Motivate you

I know this might be debated
But I may ask to be terminated
Because I don't know how long I can take this

This feeling of being demoted
From the position of power
That I was 1st promoted
From being your love, your man
To now being
just a mere associate

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Don't Know (Spread Love)

I'm stuck in this place
& as the water
In my hands
Is splashed across my face

I look up
And my eyes
On his face

I ask him

"What do I write about?"

My reflection replies

"I don't know"

This is the constant conversation
That occurs anytime
I'm pressed with the pressure
To write what feels right

To shine a light
Within the dark void
That's in my brain

Its a shame
That 85% of my poems
Start out as

"I don't know"

3 years into this life
And I'm still trying
To find
My poet/speaker's

Its integrity

Its spirit

Its soul

But all that comes out

"I don't know"

I wanna be able to talk about anything
I wanna be able to talk about everything
I wanna write about the struggle my people go through
I wanna write about religion and different brainwashing methods made to control you
I wanna say a deep metaphor like sayin
when clowns juggle its the same thing you do
With ya life's situations
I wanna write about this country's stupid stipulations
and flaws in its laws
I wanna write about hate
I wanna write something that causes debate
Something that'll make you have to slow ya brain's intake
Like "hold up, wait....
UGH! That's sick!"

I wanna write realness
Raise awareness
Reach higher than the airwaves
All while freeing the slaves
That are the minds of today

But all I know how to write exquisitely about

Is love

Trust I know it doesn't sound like much
But its ironic cause
People wouldn't have to write about pain & frustrations and such
If there was more love in the world
To eradicate and erase that stuff

Its tough but once my face is dried
And I leave my reflection aside
I look
To where my pride resides
& Pull out any love that a blackberry
Can hold in its insides

I pray to the Most High with my
Head bowed & closed eyes
And before my thumbs can caress
letters to form words
A voice is heard

It speaks two words

From above

In a whisper it says

"Spread Love"

Friday, October 29, 2010

Write About Me

I hate it when girls
Ask me

"Can you
write something about me

"Will you
scribble something you feel
In pertaining to me?

"Would you
recite something you think
In reference to me?"

Inspiration isn't forced
Its given
So its highly difficult
To be driven
With a thought for a poem
That's not premeditated or

But I'll do it anyway
Regardless of what you say
I'll never be able to live up
To what is wanted
any day

What do you want me to say?

You want me to talk about you
Ok I got that boo
But what's deeper than just you

You want the truth?

That I may miss you
That I sometimes reminisce
Kissing you
Talking to you
Holding you
Walking with you

Or can you not handle that?

Would you rather I say this?

That you were stupid
That I wish I was never hit
Smack dab in the middle
Of my emotions
With an arrow
Sent from cupid
That you missed out
On the illest kid
Known on the planet

Or something different?

Like how you're a good friend
Like how although I'm not attracted to you
but I love your smooth skin
Like how you send
My face a grin
And the ends
Of my mouth
Then suspend
In opposite directions
Like how I couldn't resist you then
can't resist you now
And probably never will again

How bout this?
You are a woman of resilience
A woman of resistance
And dominance

A woman of trust
A woman of lust
A woman made of the stuff
Of legend
A heroine

A woman so special
I'd rewind time
So then
You could be somehow mine

Does this suffice?
Was I right?
Did this poem do everything & more
Than what you might
Have thought before?

I hope so
If not
My b
But try & do this favor for me

Put yourself in my shoes please
try to solve a simple complexity

Write About Me

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Man My head hurts
I can barely breathe
My glasses are always fogging up
So I can't see
I'm shaking uncontrollably
I'm sweating profusely
And the thing that's funny
Its only Tuesday

This occurs
on a day to day basis
My face is
constantly changing
Showing all the emotions
That are racing
From my brain
And my heart
To the surface

It hurts to be like this

I keep these beasts
Locked away
So that at least
Nobody will have to die today

This is not who I am

Until the liquid courage
Is poured into my system
Causing the bars
Of the cage holding my emotions
To melt into a pile of porridge

These are not your average monsters

Armed to the teeth
With wings and claws
They tower over me
Power over me

Now set loose,
My thoughts
My heart
My soul
My love
My hurt
My truth
Run rapidly

Dropping incoherent
Yet intelligent
Bombs on
All terrorists
trying to use fear as weapon
All important polticians
using their influence
as a means to be sefish
& all innocent bystanders
that happen to be
at the wrong place
And the wrong time

In due time the beasts tire
Go weary and go back into their cage
Awaiting with rage
For the book titled
"Dates of Releasing"
To turn to the next blank page

So that there's a new entry
What they don't realize
Is my plan of genocide. See,
although my emotions make me,
they brake me

So these beasts must not be released
Not without proper supervision at least
They must then be
Led back to the the cage
To be put to death

Only then

can I

save me

From me

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Metaphorical Whore

You disgust me
With your selfishness
And no regards to the
Welfare or care
For the wealth
Of a human being

You are ugly
With your resilience
To constantly
The influence
And when, where, how
Even the very amount you allow
people to participate
In your life

Trife aint the word

You're a whore
speaking metaphorically
You're a slut
Not sexually
You're a b*tch
Ok maybe
I meant that literally
But I mean more so mentally

Close your legs
I mean
Open your mind
Stop giving others
A taste of the real you
Only for favors

Protect your body
I mean
Release your heart
Start by playing
An essential part
in someone's life
Other than yours

Watch your mouth
I mean
Search your soul
Don't grow old
Walking over everybody
Lending a helping hand

Because one can't
Continue to balance themselves
On the backs of man
By yourself
You will never stand

Understand I'm not
Trying to dishonor
Or degrade you
But the more
You continue
To be a metaphorical whore
The better the chance
There's someone out there
plotting their revenge
To rape you

I want to help you
Reverse your mental health
And I want show you
Your souls wealth
And most of all
I want to save you
From yourself

If this doesn't stop
There will be a homicide/suicide
1 death of 2 entities
But as I look at you
Staring back at me
I realize our eyes
Are locked on
The same thing
I'm staring at myself

Only my selfishness
Is for you to be here
All in
And yours
Is Just for everyone else to be
At your every
Beck & calling
Knowing that as soon
As they shove you
Off your pedastal
only I can catch you
And stop you
From falling

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I don't want to be here
But I have to be
In order to save myself
I am here

You can still hear me
Days later
From when I was first being dragged
By my hands & feet
Kicking & screaming
Across the street
Into the car
Driven far into
The middle of nowhere
Until I ended up

The reason why I'm here is
I still have the same hallucinations
That I'm ok
That my life's supposed to stay
This way
That she's supposed to be the one
That I'm supposed to
work here
Live there
And actually care
For other people's welfare

"It's hell here"
I've already got it in my head
To the world I must be dead

I'm going to rehab... yes
I can see it now
My body rejects the process
So I'm being held down
By the people that are only
trying to help
But my mind refuses them

The drugs are so potent
They got me wanting those same saviors to supply me with more
Of the thing that
Ablitterates my dreams & hopes
So in the needle goes
To sedate
And keep my mind & body straight

Standing outside the gates
My brain gets brusied
From the epiphany that hits
I've got to get this
Long extended list
Of Sick &
Out my
Killing me
To care so much about
What happens
Around me
Without reciprocity

Detox is the process I need
To be rid of the intoxications
That slowly destroy me
The anger
The happiness
The frustration
The sadness
The jealousy
The gladness
The hate
The love
gotta leave

So excuse me
While I walk into
My destiny
To rearrange my life
So I can tell the difference
Of what's fantasy
And what's reality

Because honestly

This hiatus

Just might be

The thing to save



And Us

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fairy Tales

She hops in the bed
Wearing her matching
Pink PJs
After a night of her favorites

Ice Cream
Disney Movies

Giddy and giggly
she awaits
For her mother to walk in
So she can be tucked in

"Mom I'm ready!"
She says

A woman battered down
By her sleepless nights
And turmoil-filled days
Comes into the room
And is consumed
By the laughter of her child
She struggles
But she smiles
When she sits aside the edge
Of the bed

"Ok, what do you wanna hear tonight?
A short story?
A lullaby?
Or just 'good night'?"

The little lady's face
Turns straight
Thinking as if she was makin an executive decision
As if she's 25 years older
Than her age of 8

"Mommy," she states
"I know you're not married
But I want to know if
fairy tales are real"

What "mommy" feels
At this point
Is surreal
This type of response wasn't detected in the radar

She doesn't want to sell her daughter
Broken dreams
Falsehood faiths
Lyrics of Lies
Ties to Trouble

So she doubles her breath
And says "sure sweetheart"
Omitting the details
The ugly parts

The part where the princess
Actually misses
out on "Prince Charming"

The part where the bad guy gets the girl

The part where women are the villain

The part where it doesn't work out

The part where the "Good Guy" gives his lady a black eye

The part where the king and queen shout their arguments out then never make up and have their own business to go about

The part where the hero is right in front of the damsel in distress's face but all she states is

"I'm not ready"

The part where nothing changes
Yet nothing is steady

The part where there is no glory

The part where she completely omits her own story

Mom knows somewhere down the line
She will hear in time
"This is what you told me
Why am I cold & lonely?"

But she's leaves that out the conversation
Because of the elation
In her daughters face
"I'm gonna have me a prince charming! I can't wait"

Mom turns out the light
Walks into her bedroom
Goes to the bathroom
And looks in the mirror
Her reflection looks serious

She dreads the effect
Of what she's just said
Rubs her face
Puts her hands on the side
Of her head
And says

"Why didn't you
Tell her the truth?
That fairy tales do
Come true
But not in real life
In reality
You don't realize who
Your happily ever after is
Until its gone on account
Of you"

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Returns & Exchanges

What's your return policy?
Can I do whatever compels me?
Can I believe anything you tell me?
Can I take whatever you throw at me?
"We're not really having this argument
Are we?"
"I care about you,
Can't you see?"


Oh so, now we're just even exchangin
Back & forth
In a pool of emotions & thoughts
We swimmin in
This is life
We're supposed to be livin in
I'm givin in
I can't take it
You win again
I don't wanna hurt you
Like I did when I said the truth

Can I take that back?"
"I shouldn't have said that"
"I wouldn't have done that"
"I couldn't have meant that"

Is the color of souls
Is the color of eyes
Is the color of skin
Is the color of minds

It's time
To either return what's been given unto you
Or keep what's been hidden into you
Funny thing is
You think you've got the receipt
Wrong boo

I do

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Video: Uncertain

I've actually posted this poem before but I wanted to recite it and post a video because it's one of my favorites... I did a couple ad-libs too smh lol Hopefully you enjoy!


I’m at a loss for words
As if a robber was holding a gun
To my tongue
Screaming “Gimmie all your nouns and verbs!
Gimmie your thoughts
Gimmie your ideas
Gimmie your existence
Gimmie your personality
Gimmie your world
Two options:
I can have your words
Or I’ll elongate the pain in your soul’s stay”
Either way
I’m so unsure of what to say

My eyes bleed tears
My soul cries blood
A flash flood of emotions
Has demolished my sanctuary
My home
A force I’m unable to stop
Has twisted my cerebellum inside out
The little monkey has stopped
Beating its cymbals together
The hamster has jumped out
Its running wheel too
The truth?
I’m so unsure of what to do

Self-applied pressure
Enough to bust a hot air balloon
Is running through both of our veins
Only I took the needle
And injected you thinking it was
The right prescription
How long can this last?
Your past isn’t as fast as me
A Realization hits me harder than
9th grade geometry
it’s not up to me
It’s you who has to decide

If the whole thing
Yes the L
The O
The V
And yes even the E
Is something you want or need

Because now I’m becoming
if I’m the person
we’re supposed to be

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hollywood On Broadway

A shining star
With smooth edges
And all 5 points


They call her Hollywood

She glides across
Each stage she walks on
Whether she's stepping or strolling
Or just walking down the sidewalk

Cameras always flash
when she's present
Her presence brings out
Amateur paparazzi

Hollywood is what they see

But Broadway is what she has been
Still is presently internally
And what she'll always be
To me

Gritty in the heart of the city
Able to adapt to any script given to her
Not worried about image or people's inquiries
All the drama is left on curb
Before she walks into the theater

Broadway is what I see in her

Only the rare few can truly appreciate her
The talent
The precision
The effort
The drive
The show
I hope she knows this though

Broadway is her spirit's freedom

The glitz and glam of stardom
Might be what's in today
I'm not knockin it though
Because it might be here to stay

But think about this
I love how
A lot of actors and actresses
Somehow find their way
Starring in a play
Bringing their
Hollywood On Broadway

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Replacement Girl

My love left me

No jacket to keep
My heart warm

No energy to keep
My spirit goin

But I'm bold enough
To get over it
And not let it control me

Not to mention I've found
Someone else to love

As cheesy as it sounds
She completes me
And no not like Jerry McGuire
Or Dr. Evil & Mini-Me

She embodies
Almost Everything from a woman
That I at least think
I need

When I speak
She listens
When she needs attention
I don't have to guess
She tells me
Even if I feel
She's being a lil needy

She loves when I rub her down
When I take her places
I know it sounds gross
But she's forever tryin to play
"Kissy Face"

She's erased
Any thought of me being alone
And for that I am forever grateful

I don't know if this is permanent
It may be temporary
That's cool with me
For now she can be my world
I cherish love & adore
My replacement girl

A picture of my "Replacement Girl":

Friday, September 17, 2010

Superman's Song Of The Week

A Banger from the next Rookie Of The Year... J. Cole
An anthem for any one on the come up... Me
A song for the haters...
A personal song for me...
My theme music for the week...
Watch out... I'm bout to Blow Up

Song: "Blow Up" by J. Cole
Best Line: "Gary Coleman just passed... Life is short"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome To Heartbreak

Where lives are burned at the stake
And feelings & emotions
Are as sensitive
As tenderized steak

Where l cannot make
An honest argument
Or debate
Because of all the brusing
And battering
My brain had to take

Welcome to heartache

Where my soul died
Where my spirit cried
Where my beliefs
My hopes
My dreams
My pride
Have all simultaneously
committed suicide

Matta fact
Call it genocide
Because any thought
Of goin back to bliss
Has been dismissed
Killed... In my eyes

Welcome to sorrow

Where there is no tomorrow
Where pain comes to my body
For its energy to borrow
Where although
There's a chance I might get out of this
I don't want to see it
I'm blind to it
I need to be rid of it
This feeling of hopelessness
This feeling of anguish
This feeling that love is bullsh*t
This feeling that life without you isn't worth it...

Welcome to ever after... Unhappily

The place I was left after what you did me
Where there's no peace
Where I can't believe anybody
That says you & me
Are meant to be
Where I don't want to be
Where I'm forced to be
But I don't have to be

I'll take the 2nd choice please

Welcome to redemption

Where revenge doesn't exist
Where the bus for my comeback tour is full
And there's no room for pettyness

Welcome to what I do best


Scrutinized (Nice Guys)

There's this saying:
"Nice Guys Finish Last"
It's untrue
We don't even finish at all

We're considered small
The "little man" is what we're called
The person who's mislabeled as not having balls
When our back's to the wall
Its wrong

I'm tired of this song
We're too considerate
Too literate
Not ignorant enough to be
Self-centered. It's
a trait we were born & raised with
We cannot fake it
We are made this
You, the World,
Both men and women
Hate us

Because I can naturally do what you try
Because I'm in touch with my emotions enough to cry
Yet still be a man
On my own two feet stand
And still help out anyone in need that walks by?
You use people as stepping stools
In order to fly
And I'm the one that ends up crucified?!?!


I'm sorry
I apologize
That I don't pay attention the "m" or "e" in team
And I see that more than "I" is in the word glorified
My eyes have seen what this world's become
A planet undone and overrun
With corruption
With selfishness and hatred
Everyone wondering
How much money the next one's making
What am I not understanding?

What am I missing?
Why are people dissing anyone or everyone that has a heart?
When did it start to become a fad?
To not be good man
But to be a boy... That's (for lack of a better word) bad
I really don't get it
Its honestly sad

But hey: "Nice Guys Finish Last" huh?
I told you we don't finish at all
We don't stop... There's no finish line
We not even runnin the same race as yall
And here's a lil tidbit for ya
A startling statement
that'll shake ya
break ya ankles
making you stumble and fall:

is the nicest guy of us all

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Task Defeated

It's hard for me to write happy
It's difficult for me to express joy
It's tough for me to explain jubilee
That's kinda funny
Considerin that's not at all... Me

I love the fact that I'm positive
I live to be optimistic
I learned that no matter the life you live
Someone out there has it either better or,
The majority of the time unfortunately

Regardless if your hurt
Or gettin to the point
Where you want to end your own legacy
in a body bag
Understand there are more grueling times others have
Be appreciative for the things you had
And the things you're about to grab

God knows I have

I've got the power to smile through adversity
I've got the strength to laugh through pain
I've got the mental coat to stand happily in the tormental rain
And sustain a hope that one day
The sun shall shine again

There's a misconception
It's easy to sulk
It's less work to be down
However there's a saying
It takes more muscles in your face to smile
Than frown
Meaning although it seems like the appropriate emotion to show
Sadness & Anger are the weights that stunt your growth

Here's some advice to try
Laugh til you cry
Smile til it hurts
Love til you burst
And you'll
Live your worth

It's easy for me to write hurt
It's convenient for me to express negativity
But while I'm being attacked by enemies
It means more to live in prosperity

Hey, this is just the opioion of a believer
Who else out there is with me?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

On Break @ Work (Boxing/Wrestling)

20 minutes until I clock in
But my the writer inside my brain is blocked in
Gotta think outside the box
Better yet outside the circle
Because if this were boxing
The place where my thoughts
Are fighting is called a ring

Ding ding
There's the bell
The thought of her never coming back
swings and connects hard as hell
With the thought of me being content with never finding a lover
Laughing & Taunting
"You can't have her...
You're gonna hate being alone...
There is no other"

I discover this is a dream
So this match of boxing
Is now tag team
Completing the transformation to wrestling

Two new opponents are brought into the fight
Tusseling... Struggling
Fighting under the lights

The thought of me going home bodyslams
the thought of my funds being sufficent enough to take care of myself
Then screams as its opponent is down
Is wealth more important than mental health?

By this time someone's knocked out the ref
And its a free for all
More than just 4 thoughts going at it
The ring is now bursting at the ropes
In hope of settling this match
Someone brings the ref back
He senses the mayhem
He stops the madness
Then proceeds to clear the ring
While filling the crowd that's in attendance
(Who once were in disagreement)
with gladness

With 2 minutes left until I clock in
The writer inside my mind is no longer blocked in
He's free to roam around the ring
(Well today anyway)
After all the chaos that's insued
Metaphorically through
boxing & wrestling


I used to be a light

Now? The candle has been blown
& it wasn't a birthday wish
It was goodnight
Time to close my eyes
And wait for the sun to rise
To wake me up

However that might not ever come
We're in Alaska
A flat freezing tundra with the only thing steady is silence and cold
Not to mention the sun only comes out for maybe a hour out the day...
Good luck feeling that long warmth again
Great job tryna find real love again
Hope things don't get too old again

Because unlike you
I can light my fire again
Only this time with a different match
A different friend
A different catalyst for my life that's needed

This is not human
But it is a person
I am His creation
And He is my Illumination

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


You ever think it'd be possible
To completely stop Niagra Falls?
The crazy thing about a waterfall is that it's
Ever constant
Ever flowing
Ever falling

That's me
Constantly falling in a flowing manner
That's my heart
Dropping 80-100 feet into an abyss
Those are my tears
Careening off a cliff
That's my spirit
Crashing into rocks at the bottom of its decent

The hook to "Coldest Winter"
Being blasted in my brain
"Will I ever love again?"
I rely on God and all He gives me is:

You are a wonder...
I created you for purpose...
You are natural...
Nothing compares to you on the Earth's surface...
You are an inexplicable anamoly...
People will label you with awe as well as negativity
Yet you are nothing less than a description of this:

Difficult to stop
Always flowing
Forever drawing people
Fufilling its need
Moving with power
Knowing that not just one human being can alter what gives it its strength
Realizing that it is what it is
Regardless of what one might make it out to be
That's all it can be:

I am a waterfall

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Superman Song Of The Week

One of the smartest things I did was to follow my favorite rapper, Kanye West, on twitter... With all the controversy surrounding his behavior, sayings, and lifestyle Kanye was away from the spotlight for quite some time... But he's back and better than ever... He's announced via twitter that he will be releasing a new song every friday stopping on Christmas... It's been dubbed G.O.O.D. (Getting Out Our Dreams) Friday... He stated it's not going to be just his songs but i'm sure he'll be involved with every one he puts out. The first song he released just last night is my Song Of The Week... "Monster" is apparently (Kanye states) the second song from a 5-song collaboration album with fellow rapper Jay-Z... The song not only features them but also Rick Ross (who really isn't needed on the track at all), Bon Iver (an Indie Rock Group) and my new favorite female rapper (Sorry, Eve) Nicki Minaj (She had the best verse on the song)... So here it is ladies & gents:

S.O.T.W.: "Monster" by Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Rick Ross, Bon Iver, & Nicki Minaj

Best Line: Kanye: "Get that Goose and Malibu, I call it 'MaliBooYa'"
Jay-Z: "Everybody wanna know what my achilles heel is... LOVE! I don't get enough of it"
Nicki: "Hotter than a Middle Eastern climate, Tony Matterhorn... Dutty Wine it"

Friday, August 6, 2010

Distant Closeness

You're right next to me
Yet Light Years away
I'm stuck on the now
You? Yesterday
Oh I believe in it but
Was your heart in it
Do you realize
That though I'm lookin into your eyes
It feels like we're lookin at 2 different colors of skies
Night & Day if you will
Not on the same page, Still
I wait for you to keep proofreading any misleading errors in our story
Erasing memories attached to our glory
All I ask is that you catch up and we write together
During any weather
We are to write our history with both our right hands grasped on one pen
But then is it a possiblity?
When, though we may be conjoined physically,
We are surgically separated emotionally and mentally
I'm laying with you
But you're lying to me
Cuz I'm in your head and you wanna ask me
Should we?
I see you smell you and breathe your air
It doesn't matter whether or not I can touch you
Either way
You're really not there

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Grilled Cheese Sammich (Haiku)

Browned on the outside
And melted on the inside
My people suffer

This Day In History

Today is Barack Hussien Obama's birthday... Now, though many are excited and giving the Nation's First African-American (in some way) President major shout-outs, I'm cool... Because I don't see it as his day... This is my brother's day... Mr. Matt Burroughs was born this day 24 years ago... I've had the privilege of knowing him for 6 of those years... "Little Big Brother" is what I've called him since ATL first came out lol... Because although I am older (and may have a little more sense sometimes lol) I still look at him as my "Big Bro"... One of the very few to inspire me to write poetry, his artistic instincts are uncanny... His names are endless: Musician, singer, writer, poet, amateur sports anaylst, comedian, son, brother and father being the most recent... (Thanks to him I've been crowned "Uncle Greg"... coolest thing ever)... It's been hilarious times everytime Matt & I met up during and after that 1 year stint I had at Drexel University (Funny story how we became friends)... This 1 is for you bro... and MJ 2... Let the good times roll...

Happy Born Day to Matt "Coolest Person in the Universe & That Includes Aliens" Burroughs

Tell the 'rents I said Hey and thanks... For History has been made today

The Refusal

I have a lot on the brain as of now... This is not one of my finest moments... How does one cope with not achieving their goals?... Especially ones they've worked hard and diligently for... The first four days of this month have been a huge struggle emotionally as well as physically... Granted, I'll admit that I've allowed myself to get into this "funk"... But my determination, desire, and pride has overcome me... I refuse to believe I'm not capable... I refuse to believe I don't meet requirements... I refuse to believe I'm not who I was born to be: A leader... A pioneer... An living example of what some should follow or aspire to be... With that being said... I'm going to fight for my sanity... A Bishop told me "In order to get something you've never had, you've got to do something you've never done"... I'm not a fighter... But here I am... Waiting to hear that bell

Superman. Out.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Current Feeling...

Abundance of Desire
Words cannot express
the amount it is wanted
So check the title
Stay tuned...
Your favorite superhero will return
Superman. Out.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

My father & I have few similarities... We're both born in May... We both listen to ALL types of music... We both love sports... We both are nerds when it comes to anything to do with comics (books, movies, etc.)... What separates us is what almost destroyed our relationship... Growing up as the eldest of two, my father always held me responsible for (what I felt anyway, lol) everything. Although I didn't agree with his methods or philosophies sometimes, I can't help but say that he helped me. Being that 9 of any 10 friends that I had at any point in my life didn't really have their father in their lives, I had no choice but to be grateful for the fact that regardless of our disagreements: My Father Is Here... Though I felt things were unfair for me, that I missed out on things, that I didn't have the relationship with him I wanted, I kept thinking: My Father Is Here... We're in a world now where Father's Day isn't a holiday to pay homage to men taking care of their children. It's a reminder of how life doesn't work how you want it... A reminder of why people live the life they live or don't... A reminder of struggle, pain, and anguish... A reminder of knowing that people don't have their father in their lives... It's funny how downplayed Father's Day is really... Think about it: When people shout out Father's Day (wherever it might be) it's more common to see comments like: "Happy Father's Day to the REAL fathers" "Happy Father's Day to my mother for being more than a father"... You also see common phrases like: "biological dad" & "sperm donor"... You don't see Mother's Day having comments such as these... You don't see "Happy Mother's Day to my father for being a better mother than that lady that gave birth to me"... Something's gotta change... I think my "Pop Diggity" had it right... He was there... He's the prime influence, model, example of a father that the world should follow.... Maybe then Father's Day wouldn't be so negative... It would get the credit it deserves... With all that said... I love & appreciate my father not just for all the things I've learned from him and not just because he helped mold me & my brother into men... But simply because he was there... And he's still here... Being a Father

Love ya Pop
Happy Father's Day to you and every other Father that's "there"

Superman. Out


"Betta late than never... but never late is better"

It's been almost a month since I last made a post... Within that month MUCH has changed... And it doesn't look like it's going to stop changing anytime soon... With that said... here's the update:

  • The Month of Celebration has ended...
  • My birthday weekend was CRAZY... (in a good way & negative drama filled way)
  • The 11 Months of Determination has started
  • Happy Birthday Lyss & Rob! (my "other" siblings)
  • The breakup is over... Love has returned...
  • Relocating... out of my apt... Call it a "Trial Run"
  • The "process" @ my job has finally begun
  • J-Rellz is back home gettin his GRIND ON! (finally lol... somebody get him a deal!!!)
  • I'm officially an editor lol :) (Shoutout to FeliciaEllureVerna.wordpress.com)
  • Some might call me a "Club Head" (That's gotta stop... REAL soon)
  • Thank Me Later and Recovery surprised me by being my albums of the summer
  • Season 3 of The Boondocks is a replacement of "Church" on Sundays (Kanye Shrug) #imjustsayin
  • Get Him To The Greek was hilarious!
  • I've finally had to let Alicia Keys go :'(
  • Book of Eli is easily one of my favorite movies.... ever
  • Life throws curves... smh... nuff said

Sorry it's been so long... but your favorite superhero has returned... again... (sigh)

New stories, ideas, and most importantly POEMS COMING SOON!!

Superman. Out.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 22nd: Selfish

The first day after a new year for me I realized things have been/going to/need to change... Yet, I couldn't figure out why they haven't changed by now... I've come up with some questions: So what happens when a superhero, that's so bent on saving everybody else, can't seem to save or do anything for himself? Is it really possible for a superhero to be selfish? Can the world really be mad at him for taking some time away from saving them in order to better his own life? Is it fair?

I have no answers to these questions lol... But they inspired me to post this poem... Enjoy

Superman. Out


Not really sure if it’s a problem
But I have
No concern for me
No time or turn to console me
I’m Selfless

There are other people
In distress
Why put myself before them?
Why bless I when my
Loved ones cry?
I’m selfless

Unfocused on my priorities
My people’s problems
Won’t prosper
Under my authority
I’m selfless

So kind to those
Except my own mind
To the point that I’ll
Let you whip my behind
Then bite my own tongue
And save the time, energy, and pain
Wasted from unleashing the wrath
Of a young black man’s heart scorned
I was born
Not to stand between me and you
And be torn
But to stand at your side
And remove then maneuver
Your thorns
Sacrificially into my existence
This is what makes me selfless

I love the people in my world more
Than I love my self… less
So with that being said
Who’s the one really in distress?
Who’s gonna save the man with ‘S’ on his chest?
Better yet final question
Why, oh why, can’t Superman be more selfish?

Friday, May 21, 2010

May 21st: S.O.T.D.

Yes, it's 2 posts for the same day. (It's my birthday and my blog fight me! lol) This song is dedicated to anyone that shares in the same joy that I do on this day. (Happy Birthday Megan!!! http://feliciaellureverna.wordpress.com) It just so happens that one of those people that share the same birthday as me is the artist with Superman's Song of The Day today... Enjoy! and Rest In Peace B.I.G.

"Sky's The Limit" The Notorious B.I.G. ft. 112
Best Line: "Stay far from timid... Only make moves when your heart's in it... and live the phrase: 'Sky's The Limit'"

May 21st: Birth of a Superhero

This day 24 years ago, an alien was born from a woman and man... When I say "alien" I mean someone who is so different from the rest of the world he can't possibly be... human. But he resembles one; complete with human eyes, nose, arms, legs, mouth, and oversized (to say the least) ears, hands and feet... Scrutinized through middle school, tortured in high school, reborn in college, he is now a Superhero... Always trying desperately to help someone in need... So selfless the one word he's immune to is selfish... His heart is bigger than the damage of his punches to the souls of his enemies... He's accomplished, seen, and endured so much in 24 years of life and is still willing to want more... Only with the next 24 years, he'll be a little more selfish with himself... (Superman has dreams 2, ya know) So with all this being said I would like to thank God & my parents for the gift of life... and the ability to sustain it (with their help of course) for now 24 years today. Also, my family & closest friends (you know who you are) thank you for being here... Thank you for accepting me for the silly goofy selfless sensitive crazy nut of a superhero that I at least think i am... I love yall... and thank yall


"Hippo Birdies Tuz Meeez!"
Translation: Happy Birthday To Me!!

Superman. Out.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 19th-20th: Anticipation

"I'm not quite sure what to do with my hands" Ricky Bobby

It's killing me... I'm antsy... I'm anxious... I'm scared... I'm sad... I'm estatic... I'm delirious... I'm in anticipation...

"Tomorrow, Tomorrow... I love ya, Tomorrow... You're only a day away" Annie

Superman. Out.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18th: S.O.T.D.

I've had this song on repeat since I've put it on my ipod last night.
Superman's Song Of The Day today is:

"Find Your Love" by Drake
Best Line: "I'm more than just an option (hey hey hey)... Refuse to be forgotten (hey hey hey)"

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Work: Flying Is Better Than Driving

They say the choices
You make today
Shape your world

Well then I guess I better
Get right with God now
Because it’s looking like
My world is gonna end
In less than 24 hours

We’re about to be at a crossroads
Better yet
A fork in the road
Because the route options given
Don’t cross paths

I’m driving fast
& her ass: not even in the car yet
But she feels obligated to ride
So she tries to set aside
Whatever pride she has
Climbs inside
And proceeds to drive

I know my destination
She’s lost her map
Her GPS don’t work
& she still doesn’t wanna ask for directions
At the nearest gas station

So now I’m waitin’
Waitin’ on her to catch up with me
To see the sights I see
Believe what I believe
My tank’s on full
She ain’t been drivin’ but for so long
And already
She’s on E

She calls me
She tells me
She needs me
And me being the superhero
Named Mr. Silly
I drive back to where she’s stopped
Pop open her tank
And siphon into her any fuel or energy
I’ve got

So that she can continue driving with me
A Revelation hits me:
I’ve transferred so much that now
I’m on empty
& I can’t ride with her because
She’s driving a 1 seat
Leaving no room for me clearly

“Don’t worry,”
She says as her engine roars
“I’ll be back for you if you wait”
But I don’t believe her
So I throw on my cape
While she drives away
I soar
And say
“Flying is better than driving anyway”

May 12th-17th: Bittersweet Vacation

"Bittersweet... you're gonna be the death of me... I don't want you... but I need you... I love you and hate you at the very same time... See what I want so much... should never hurt this bad"

Ok so "Hate" is such a strong word... maybe dislike... disapprove... yeah that works but anyway... Excuse me for shying away from my daily posting. I've been quite busy.

"And still we grind from the bottom, just to make to the bottom... Tell the gang I never break my promise mayne"

1st was the Philly trip... seein a couple old friends made me all types of happy... not 2 mention gettin an actual PHILLY CHEESESTEAK! (DP holla at me! lol... i'm such a fat kid huh? "NAAH SON!" lmao)... (sp. thanx 2 "The Lady"... great seeing you!) Philly I miss you... I love you... and thank you for helpin me become who i am now

"Ok I'm back up on my grind... You do you and I'm just gon' do mine... You do you cuz I'm jus gon' be fine... OK I got you out my mind... The night is young... the drinks is cold... The stars are out... I'm ready to go"

The next day wasn't so fun... I picked up the phone when I shouldn't have... I said and heard some things I didn't want to but needed to... and I reacted in a way that scared me... I didn't cry... I didn't get angry... I got cold ("I'm Cold!!" (Kanye voice))... I got numb... And that's the worst feeling... To not feel anything at all... (Shoutout 2 the homie SJ 4 havin a drink with his bro in short notice)... It's ok... At a time like that, revelations appear... I think I got smacked by one

"You can't be me I'm A Rockstar... It's almost over now..."

Friday the 14th was outstanding... I took a trip to AC and it didn't disappoint... (I gambled 4 the 1st time in my life btw) I got to see my brotha from anotha... The coolest guy in the universe ("Forget dem aliens baby I'm cooler than them 2")Mr. Matt Burroughs... and I got to meet (FINALLY) his son... my nephew... and as I was holding him and we looked into each other's eyes, a smile was brought across his face that forcefully made me smile back... It was as if he already knew who I was... We were comfortable... Two and 1/2 men... watching Sportscenter... (Crazy fact: MJ is not even 4 months yet... but he whenever sports are on the tv he watches... and doesnt move until there's a commercial... then he "talks" to his father... smh TRUE STORY!) "The Commission" was in full effect... plus 1... The Goodfellas... emphasis on the "Good"

"We are a family... Like a giant tree... growing stronger... growing wiser"

The last two days of the "Invasion" was straight family time... Spending time with family (blood and extended) is the greatest treasure one could have... It can get you through anything... However, on the flip side it can put you through hell... Fortunately, this was one of those "laugh-at-everything-learn-some-wisdom-and-cherish-these-type-of-moments-because-not-too-many-people-have-what-we've-got" type of times... Nuff said

"I don't wanna leave... But I gotta go right now... And I'll be back to hold you down"

And now... on the 17th Superman must return back to Metropolis. (well Orlando, rather) There are people in dire need of a hero... in need of salvation... in need of help... Ironically, I'm one of those people... Though I'm glad to be starting yet another new and interesting chapter in my life, there are some things I'm sad to let go of... The bittersweetness has settled in... I hate the taste... Sorry, "hate" is such a strong word...

Superman. Out.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11th: Day of Maddness

Day 2 of the "Superman Stax Invasion of Jersey" is dubbed the "Day of Maddness". It's simply because I will be spending the day taking over Jersey with my Partner-In-Crime-For-The-Longest-Time: S.J.... Also known as "Star Maddness" S.J. and I have known each other since elementary school. Funny enough we didn't know each others name til (I wanna say) high school. lol College we met up again after a year/2 year hiatus... and Jersey has been in the palm of our hands ever since... In order to put our friendship/brotherhood/rivalry in perspective I'll tell you our nicknames: I'm Superman Stax (as you already know) and he's Batman Maddness... ('nuff said) We have countless tales of terrible trouble that one day will be the stories we tell our kids (He's gonna def be a dad before me lol)... Til then... Let the Maddness ensue

Superman (& Batman). Out.

Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10th: Homecoming

Superman has landed in his home planet of Neptune, NJ. I haven't been back here since last November. Although it's highly weird being here without the counterpart that was with me the past 3 times I've made the trip, it's great to be home. I'm making a personal vow not to allow what's going on in Orlando to affect my being here. They say home is where the heart is. My heart hurts in Orlando... but thank God I'm in New Jersey... Thank God my heart is home.

Superman. Out.

"Home" Kanye West ft. John Legend

Best Line: "And if you really cared for her, then you wouldn't have ever hit the airport to follow your dreams"

Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 9th: Mother's Day

It's that time of the year again... Mother's Day!! The day when momma's boys like myself get to show their appreciation for (well... suck up to) the person they were birth from... I've already dedicated a post to my mom earlier this year so if I say anymore about her I'll feel like she'll be a little spoiled. lol She's already gettin a little much as a Mother's Day gift anyway! Tomorrow I'll be on a plane to New Jersey to see "Mi Madre" as well as the rest of "Mi Familia" and friends... Love you mom and Happy Mother's Day to ya and all the rest of the mothers out there breaking their backs for the survival of their family

Superman. Out.

May 8th: Heartache

Sorry I'm late with this post... I was a little busy with anger... but I'm sure you can understand why with this song

"Welcome To Heartbreak" Kanye West ft. Kid Cudi
Best Line: "And my head keeps spinning... I can't stop having this vision... I gotta keep winning"

Friday, May 7, 2010

May 7th: Hollywood

Lights, camera, action... That's what should be stated anytime my Bestie enters the room. Known as Ms. Hollywood in the Greek world, Ashley Hill has been a glowing part of my life for the past three years. We've helped each other get through some of our most difficult times and continue to do so. Today, was her day. She graduated today from the University of Central Florida with a degree in English Literature... So this is to say Congrats Bestie! & i hope you're ready for your new chapter in life

Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 6th: The Human Highlight Film

My day today was made complete at about 1pm this afternoon. I got to meet one of the most dynamic players in the history of the NBA: Dominique Wilkins. Yes "The Human Highlight Film" was in the flesh at my job today... Although I didn't get an autograph or picture with him, it sure was cool helping out an NBA legend pick out some Chucks. lol If you don't know who 'Nique was back in the day, allow him to re-introduce himself:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 5th: Cinco De Mayo

The question I've been getting asked the most this week has been "What are you doing for Cinco De Mayo?". It got me to thinking... "Why does the United States celebrate this day?" I've done a little research and I've come to the conclusion it's yet another "holiday" publicized to make people spend money for a cause they know nothing about (i.e. Valentine's Day). Apparently, "Cinco De Mayo" is supposed to be a holiday to celebrate Mexican heritage and pride. However, according to a paper published by the UCLA Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture in 2007, the holiday isn't even really celebrated nor even paid attention to in Mexico.

So, why do we as Americans, celebrate it?


Superman. Out.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 4th: Son of a Pop

The Murray family is celebrating once again this year. This time, it's for my father. Although he might look like he's 35... He's turned 50 today, finalizing the truth that because of his genes, I'll be 50 looking 35 myself. lol My father and I had an interesting relationship to say the least. It's had it's ups... It's had it's downs... but no matter how much at times I didn't like him I still loved him. I had no choice but to appreciate him. He was there... Growing up I felt like I was the only kid that still had his FATHER in their life... Honestly, though I didn't agree with some of his "unique raising techniques", it made me the man I am today. For that I'm forever grateful. Photographer... Journalist... Drummer... Songwriter... Brother... Son... These are the aspects of a person I call my father... My Dad or sometimes Popz Diggity... Happy Birthday Dad... here's to 50 more

One thing I appreciate "Poppa Stax" for is him opening my mind to different types of music when i was just a kid. Here's one of my favorite songs he introduced into my existence (I still blast it out of my car to this day Pop!)

"Birdland" by Weather Report

Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3rd: Chillin' (S.O.T.D.)

Nothing much occuring today just Chillin' like the Song of The Day

"Chillin'" Wale ft. Lady Gaga

Best Line: "Niggas mad that you not me... I remain Giant, and you Jeremy Shockey"

Sunday, May 2, 2010

1st New "Work" of 2010

Finally, a mean case of "writer's block" is erased with my new piece finished last night. Ironically, this was written in a matter of minutes via BlackBerry @ a club while waiting for friends to arrive. (Oh, & being a little "under the influence" lol) Hopefully, you guys enjoy. I don't want to say it's personal... But... (Kanye shrug)

Superman. Out.

So This Is What It Feels Like

A truck filled with pain, agony, and distress
Going back and forth running over my chest

Like watching a loved one
Holding on to the edge of a cliff
And you’re their only hope extending a hand
Only to see them slip

So this is what it feels like huh?

Like I ate a glass full of
Thumbtacks and nails
Like the sun had a reverse effect
And instead of tanning a white person
They turned pale

Like scales covered your whole body
And boils spread in your mouth
Like you lost the ability to tell the difference
Between north and south

This is what it feels like?

Like you’re standing alone in a crowded room
Like seeing a person who looked like they
Just woke up out of a tomb
Like hearing your child say
“I wish I never came out your womb”
Like hoping but realizing things won’t change soon

Is this what it’s supposed to feel like?!

Like Diddy after J. Lo
Singing “I Need A Girl”
Like coming to terms
That your favorite thing is out of style
i.e. the Jheri Curl
Like being a Super Hero
Yet you can’t save the World

This is what it feels like!
Someone said “This can’t be life”
You can’t be right
God tell me I’m wrong.... please
Because love can’t possibly
Have this effect on me

May 2nd: The Truth Is Back

After a 2 Year hiatus, my favorite cartoon/tv show is back on the air for what is apparently stated as "The Final Season". (Hopefully, it's just a rumor or a joke) Yes, The Boondocks has returned. The new adventures of Huey and Riley Freeman and Granddad will be televised tonight at 11:30pm on Adult Swim/Cartoon Network. This marks the comeback of one of the most ground-breaking and controversial shows ever. Time Magazine recently revealed The Boondocks as #5 on their list of the Top 10 Most Controversial Cartoons.

Here's a preview of Season 3:

Words cannot express how excited I am for this event. I'm an avid Boondocks fan who quotes episodes up & down. Not to mention that Huey and Riley remind me of the relationship between my brother and I. For those of you who know me and Jerel, it's very easy to determine which of the Freeman brothers we each resemble. Jerel seems to think he's Huey, the 10 year old profound poetic freedom fighter/Revolutionist that's constantly trying to rid the world of ignorance. Leaving me to be Riley, the 8 year old mini gangsta that's knee deep into a lifestyle of hanging with iced out chain wearing rappers, starting fights, worrying about how "fresh" he is, and not having any "love for these hoes". Needless to say, my lil bro got it a little twisted. lol

So tonight at 11:30 I'll be sitting in my favorite chair, kicking back to enjoy Season 3 of the intelligent ignorance that is The Boondocks... Hope you'll be there with me. In the meantime I'll leave you with a couple of my personal favorite scenes from the past 2 seasons.

The Truth Is Back

Superman. Out.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1st: Celebration Begins

I think this song pretty much describes what's gonna be going on this month... One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists... 'nuff said...

"Celebration" by Kanye West
Best Line: "See you know my style... I'm very wild... and I vow that my child will be well-endowed... like his Daddy"

THE Month of the Year

If you didn't get the memo... if you've been living under a rock... or if you enjoy the other 11 months out of the year then you are about to be educated. It is indeed that time of the year yet again ladies and gents... It's the month of May... There's so many things to note and appreciate in the month that I can't possibly put it in 1 post... I will give you a hint and say look out for the 21st tho... (Ms. Megan aka Felicia Verna shares the same enthusiasm) (http://feliciaverna.blogspot.com... [shameless plug lol])... It's a big day in history... Anyway, be ready... Because every day I will be posting something to commemorate each day of May: "The Greatest Month Thought Of"...

The Celebration begins...

Superman. Out.

Monday, April 12, 2010

SOTW (March 29th- April 19th)

In light of my hiatus this week's Song Of The Week will cover the time that's passed. Also, in celebration of the hiatus being over the SOTW will be T.I.'s "I'm Back"... Much like myself T.I. (one of my favorite rappers) has been on a hiatus due to imprisonment. (only he was on a musical hiatus and physically imprisoned and I was on a blog hiatus and mentally imprisoned) I believe the hook says it all for the both of us

"I'm Back" by T.I.

Best Line: "No matter what they doing, they don't do it like me. Like a G, I hold it down for the town I'm at. In flash like that, Recognize I'm BACK! Strike a match, catch on fire"

Venus vs. Mars (Part 1)

Friday nights are my "Chill-with-the-fellas-(sometimes-fellow-co-workers)-act-a-fool-like-I'm-auditioning-for-America's-Best-Dance-Crew-toast-to-the-semi-good-life-all-while-making-girls-blush-yet-breaking-their-hearts-and-coming-to-the-conclusion-that-"Yes-I-kinda-still-got-'It'" kind of nights. Although that was a mouthful, it pretty much sums up my clubbing experience. However, the "letout" is something COMPLETELY different.

It's quite funny actually. When you walk out of a club/lounge to see a bunch of dudes waiting patiently outside, searching for a woman or 2 that's "lucky enough" to "take home". In the midst of all the "Hey Shorty", "Yo Ma", and "Skoo Boop!" calls to the women tip-toeing out the front doors in their "Come & Get Me" heels is me shaking my head and hysterically laughting at the feeble attempts of dogs trying to get a cat's attention. Since i'm never caught in the crowd making the rush out the door I'm first to be put in the "letout" crowd to wait for the group to meet up and walk to the car. Man it's entertaining!

One particular friday night after the "letout" I'm walking with my ABDC fellas and i notice there's 2 women that have been added to the group. We're all walking through downtown Orlando trying to find our means of transportation home when a particular subject is brought up. One of the women with us stated that she had "Niggas Ain't Sh*t" tattooed over her heart. Now immediately my thought was to tell her this

But since she didn't know me personally I thought it'd be rude. She proceded to tell stories of how men had treated her wrong and she could never find love and "blah blah blah same sob story I've heard from every woman scorned". It got me to thinking: Is it really MEN that's the problem? Or is it the WOMEN who choose less than what they deserve that set their own fate?

Someone told me that the people you attract or are attracted to are a reflection of yourself. I was definitely the guy that wanted to save every damsel in distress. So I attracted and was attracted to the needy, over-affectionate, low self-esteemed, sick-disgusted-and-ugly-on-the-inside-but-beautiful-on-the-outside type of women. Come to find out I was the same exact way except the male version and "handsome on the outside" not "beautiful" lol.

So I'll leave with this for now: Ladies, falling for the drunk dude that's standing outside of the club waiting on the letout who, later, breaks your heart and afterwards in the same breath saying "Niggas Ain't Sh*t" is a NO NO! Real Gentleman are rare... Set ya Standards higher... get a Super Hero lol

Mars 1 Venus 0

Any arguments? Speak up!

Superman. Out.

Venus vs. Mars (Intro)

Unless you're an adult living under a rock or a newborn baby then you already know there's a constant war/battle/competition/discussion/etc. between males and females going on in the world. So many questions, inquiries, and opinions... So little time... In hopes of trying to play "Devil's Advocate" (if you will) I'm starting a Venus vs. Mars (or Mars vs. Venus if you prefer it that way) series to spark discussion. I'm not anticipating how many parts there will be... It'll probably be an ongoing series... Since the battle never ends between Men & Women...

Stay tuned

Superman. Out.


Superman has been away for quite some time... There's things in life that not even a super hero can control... Nonetheless, I would like to apologize for the hiatus... I think I owe you all that much... Stay tuned world... I've got much to share

Superman. Out.

Monday, March 22, 2010


To give you a little more insight on "Everything I Am" I'm posting a poem I wrote about well... me! I try not to write anything that's TOO OBVIOUS about what I go through personally but I can't hide from this one. lol Call it a "formal introduction" to those who don't "know" me. If you do know me, maybe a "reaquaintance" if you will lol... Enjoy!


I was never cute

Never handsome

Sexy?!... yeah sure

So what does that make me? Ugly

Dumbo, Ears

Fat Snacks, Punk

These are just a few of the names I was labeled

While growing up

This is what makes me ugly

My index fingers on each hand

Are shaped in a way that someone could question

if there was some type of blood relation

Between me and E.T.

Extending a lingering finger to touch mine

In hopes that if I were to point back a light would shine

“Phone Home” is what they told me

& this is what makes me ugly

22 years old and I still have a bit of baby in me

And when I say that I’m not talking about my behavior

Even though sometimes I act 13

I mean it physically

To be more specific I still have baby teeth

Will they grow back if they fall out?



& this is what makes me ugly

I have a birthmark on my arm that desires to grow and expand with me

Additionally, I’ve never actually really physically fought anybody

I hold my head with my left hand whenever I eat

I know I look skinny but with the way I eat I should be back to weighing 853 lb

I try my best not to approach women… really

For the fear that they’ll think I’m like every other dude trying to get in their panties

Whenever I laugh hysterically, the half hyena comes out of me

I’m too patient, bite-sized urgency

Keepin my cool to the point that I’m freezing any panic pouring out from me

I analyze and critique, give and help generously to everyone else in the world except me

This is what makes me oh so very ugly

So how can God still love me?

Because this is a bittersweet symphony

Now turned into a sugar sweet epiphany

Not an alien but a different human being

Hailing from the planet of Neptune in the state of New Jersey

Add that with the facts or flaws stated before and the result is I

am a word that begins with U but refuses to include the letters g, l, or y

I am just a weird, kinda sorta attractive, “he has a real nice personality”

“Girl we need more men like him”, “Dog I wanna be like him”

Unique type of guy

SOTW (March 22nd-March 28th)

It is time once again for Superman's Song Of The Week. This week's song comes from my favorite rapper (Mr. Kanye West) and my favorite album of his (Graduation). "Everything I Am" is probably the song on the album that best describes me... Nuff Said... "Graduation" was already a personal album I could relate to heavily already. Track 10 was the tip of the iceberg

"Everything I Am" Kanye West
Best Line: "People always sayin what's not for him/ But everything I'm not made me everything I am"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

No Remedy For Sickness

I need y'all prayers... My lil bro is sick... Like really ill... It's ridiculous... Almost disgusting... I just watched a recent video he posted of a rehearsal he did and at about the 1:30 mark my nose started running and i coughed a little bit... That's how sick he is on the drums... He's so contagious that after the video was over i felt the urge to hop on the keyboard and learn some new songs... Just to keep up with the "sickness"... This is what happens when you're born of a family of musicians. My girl says we're like a Black Partridge Family... I say we're a unique case and we should all be admitted into hospitals... we've been sick for quite awhile now... Wanna catch what we got?... Be careful, There's no cure

Superman. Out.

JRellz Gettin ILL!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SOTW (March 15th-21st)

I had to work yesterday so i kinda forgot to post the "Song Of The Week". Better late than never right? This week's song is a personal one. Every time I hear this I sing... without fail. Although I'm not the world's greatest singer I still croon along Ryan Leslie on "Guardian Angel". It's personal because it was introduced to me from my girlfriend as "Our Song" (Yeah i know, Vomit) lol I would love to hear this at my wedding one day (far from now) Enjoy!

This is for you Baby Girl

"Guardian Angel" by Ryan Leslie

Best Line: "We'll protect one another, Be good to another, Love one another, Take care of one another"

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Imperfections Of A Perfection

This is one of the 1st poems i've ever written... Now that I think about it, it's actually the 2nd poem I've ever written... That was 3 years ago (time flies)... It's one of my favorites (among others) and it was very personal at the time. I got tired of being called "perfect" yet nobody was "ready" for me. So this was the end result... Enjoy!

The Imperfections of a Perfection

I am a living and walking

Breathing and talking

Human oxymoron

If that’s some food for thought

That your mind can’t seem to chew on

Let me put it in other words for you:

I’m the perfect man!

I’m the type of dude to willingly hold my girlfriend’s hand

Stand side by side with her at all times

But at the same time give her space

Never really all up in her face

I mean I want her all to myself

But I’m man enough to let her hang with someone else

Stingy, yet never too clingy

Cooking cleaning & laundry

I’ll do whatever my lady wants

Even lay the pipe down from the back or the front

I’m never really this blunt, I’m actually steady on the humble

However I will say I have made some ladies stumble when they walked

And some fumble their words when they talked

Yes indeed I’m the perfect man for any woman you see

And that is why I’m single

I mean I’ll make my woman’s spine tingle

With the sounds of my fingers fiddling up & down the scales of a piano

Serenading her soul, I’m bold enough to wrap my arms around her in public if she’s cold

Not that I need a reason to do that anyway

I’m the fella that’ll please my lady any day

In any way shape or form

I’m so far-fetched from the norm

But that is why I’m single

No 20 something year old female is ready to mingle with “The One”

No 20 something year old female wants to be with someone

Whose son they could potentially want to conceive

Suffocation, it’s hard for them to breathe

No 20 something year old female is ready to receive all the things I am

See, when you’re the perfection of a man

It’s the imperfections of others that you can’t stand

Like the bunch of boys who aren’t able to call themselves “a man”

Ladies call them lames

Giving us gentlemen terrible names

However, you females too make us perfections feel pain

Like the ones who got it stuck in their brain that all men are the same

Or the ones who like to play games with men’s hearts

Then slam them down like a dunk by LeBron James

These tele-visions of material worship are also to blame

It’s time for these deceitful, lying lions to be tamed

Or maybe just maybe

I’m not as perfect as I’m perceived to be

Maybe there are things wrong with me that I don’t see

It’s hard for a perfect man like me to admit that he needs self-direction

That’s probably the worst thing about being a perfection

Correction: That’s probably the key imperfection of being a perfection