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Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 2nd: The Truth Is Back

After a 2 Year hiatus, my favorite cartoon/tv show is back on the air for what is apparently stated as "The Final Season". (Hopefully, it's just a rumor or a joke) Yes, The Boondocks has returned. The new adventures of Huey and Riley Freeman and Granddad will be televised tonight at 11:30pm on Adult Swim/Cartoon Network. This marks the comeback of one of the most ground-breaking and controversial shows ever. Time Magazine recently revealed The Boondocks as #5 on their list of the Top 10 Most Controversial Cartoons.

Here's a preview of Season 3:

Words cannot express how excited I am for this event. I'm an avid Boondocks fan who quotes episodes up & down. Not to mention that Huey and Riley remind me of the relationship between my brother and I. For those of you who know me and Jerel, it's very easy to determine which of the Freeman brothers we each resemble. Jerel seems to think he's Huey, the 10 year old profound poetic freedom fighter/Revolutionist that's constantly trying to rid the world of ignorance. Leaving me to be Riley, the 8 year old mini gangsta that's knee deep into a lifestyle of hanging with iced out chain wearing rappers, starting fights, worrying about how "fresh" he is, and not having any "love for these hoes". Needless to say, my lil bro got it a little twisted. lol

So tonight at 11:30 I'll be sitting in my favorite chair, kicking back to enjoy Season 3 of the intelligent ignorance that is The Boondocks... Hope you'll be there with me. In the meantime I'll leave you with a couple of my personal favorite scenes from the past 2 seasons.

The Truth Is Back

Superman. Out.

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