A Heartfelt Welcome

To those of you who call me friend, those of you that call me love, those of you who call me brother, those of you that call me son, those of you who call me hero, & those of you who don't know me at all: I welcome you to the mind of a man who's destined to save the world...
1 word at a time.

Monday, September 16, 2013


They say "they always come back ya know?"
I say "If an old flame always comes back
then the fire was never put to rest
in the first place"

Everyone has a "The One That Got Away"
Everyone has a flame they want to play with again
And they completely forget how they got burned
Maybe they remember
Maybe the wounds serve as reminders
and no one really wants multiple third degree burns

So we stomp out campfires
cut off stoves
and douse out bonfires
in hopes that we can move along
without being blackened
by love's heatwave

Until a new match is lit
and for some reason
this fire looks a little different
It flickers in a way unseen
Crackles in a way unheard
And steams in a warmth unfelt

But again we forget it's still a flame

And once we come to the realization
of what's exactly in front of us
We like to play firefighter
Going into buildings set ablaze
to save whomever is in peril

9 times out of 10
It's our own soul that's laying down
Stuck under the table
Afraid to move because everything around us
is withering away before our very eyes
We already inhaled the smoke into our minds
and we don't wanna melt our hearts either

When it's over
When your world has turned to ashes
When your organs have healed
When your skin has regrown
It's understandable why one
might put back on
fireproof gear and walk alone

"Stay away from the flames," they say

I say "Old and New... True...
but it gets cold sometimes"

I say to anyone
If you want warmth in your life
If you wish to dance in the flickering lights
If you're a pyro who attracts that which makes you who you are
Then the only way you can love again
is for you to spontaneously combust

Become a flame
to another flame
and burn


Friday, August 23, 2013

One Year in N.C.

To Cuzo
For having a heart as open as the home she runs
For Panthers and Bobcats games
For Lexi
For a bed a roof and a shower

To my spiritual folks
For giving me keys to their house
For being more than familiar faces
For being mentors

To sis
For being my sis
For Good Morning Jesus
For protein shakes
For knowing me more than I know myself sometimes

To Goon Homie
For constantly reminding me why we're homies
For being a female me
For Kanye's verse in "I Put On"
For "It's Good"

To Karate Man
For showing me that poetry and martial arts are one in the same
For proving its possible to be misunderstood by the masses
Yet still be the coolest thing ever

To RayMan
For teaching me the meaning of "Turn Up"
For homecoming at Livingston

To Lil Lady
For turning the world into a happy place
Where unicorns are transportation
And rainbows are roads

To Mooresville Main and Express Concord
For jokes and smiling faces
For second chances
For letting me lead

For saying "it's ok to be involved again"
For Friday Night Live
For "Jeremiah 29:11"

To Red @ 28th, Amelie's and Midnight Diner
For being my safe havens of peace
For solidifying that solitary confinement
isn't such a bad thing

To SlamCharlotte and Underground Railroad
For challenging my poetry
For humbling my spirit

To 25/20 and Zion Fitness
For motivating my engine
For screaming "PUSH!"

To Epicentre
For getting through to my head
that the party eventually ends

To H&M
For cookouts
For impromptus
For Boardwalk Billie's
For Nights At The Roundtable

To The Wolfpack
For not letting me be a one man wolfpack any longer

To Nerd Gang
For Game of Thrones
For video games
For Heroes Aren't Hard To Find

To Mime Gang
For The Brotherhood
For The Sisterhood too I guess
For a comfortably uncomfortable lifestyle

To Chuck Norris Gang
For letting everyone know who eats
a bowl of awesome with a glass of badass
for breakfast

To Black Hollywood
For inspiring a flame from miles away
For #DriveThru

To Love
For not allowing me to leave you out of this one
For your impact
For trying again
For introducing me to 85% of the friends I've made here
For Atlanta and Virginia
For your Grandpa
For Ryan Leslie and Lecrae
For your smile
For heartache
For my rebirth
For Love

To Smallville
For missing me as much as I missed you
For surviving Sandy although I wasn't there to protect you
For understanding why Metropolis was the move
For staying relatively and sweetly the same every time I visit
For my friends I call family
For Bro
For Mom
For Pop
Yeah definitely for Pop


To you Greg
For learning how to be Clark Kent
For filling your notebook
For letting patience be a close friend again
For the Greg Shrug
For smiles
For tears
For struggle
For laughter
For growth
For continuous growth
For Greg 2.0
For enrolling
For deciding to save the world one youth at a time
For changing
For transforming
For still remaining Greg
For making me proud of you for the first time in a long time

I thank you
All of you
For helping me see
How much of beautiful life
Can fit
In one year

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Heart "Beat"

Can you hear it?

Place a temple to my upper torso
Let life rain into the holes on either side of your head
Dope beat, ain't it?
Give the drummer some
That bass be knocking from behind the cage

Can you dig it?

"Six feet under" type groove
But there's no "Night of the Living Dead" here
Only life
Breaths sing hymns here
Limbs dance wickedly here
Minds stay open even when eyes are closed here
Smiles are the catalysts of peaceful chaos
and as long as you continue to show me pleasant teeth
I will forever scream a whisper to you that exclaims

Can you feel it?

Comparable to a baby's kick from within the womb
The touch of it sends a shockwave of party
throughout your nervous system
Keep your head pressed against your future
Keep your head pressed against a reflection of your past
Keep your head pressed against the presence of the present
I present my present of eternal to you

They say the baby grand piano
that plays in between your lungs
happens to be the same size
as a left jab and a right hook
I guess this means
I'm giving the equivalent of my two fists to you
And I have exceptionally large hands

Can you see it?

Let your eyes dance to it
Gaze upon every jump of it like they're bursting fireworks
Let the notes stream through your veins
Let every riff make hairs stand
Let the modulations take your body
where only kindred spirits float

Listen to my heartbeat

The song it plays
was produced and engineered
in inspiration
of you

Thursday, June 27, 2013

How To Fly

Trust yourself
Spread wings
Open capes


Throw your keys
Let pain seep through your fingers
Take risks
Murder your insecurities
Turn off your phone
Keep your tray in whatever position you like
Check your baggage

Make conversation with a person prettier than you

Know God



Spend your own money
on something or someone else
other than yourself
Turn a friend into family
Kiss your dad and
Call your mother "mommy"
even after you turn 30

Pull up your pants
Loosen your tie
Buy a pocket watch
Untie your shoes
Wear jeans and heels
Leave the Freak'um Dress at home

Tell the truth
Hold onto a pen for as long as possible

Become Freedom

Try weed at least 3 times in your lifetime
Don't get addicted.... To anything
Buy a stranger's groceries
Give a girl a hairtie
Write your number on a napkin

Listen to jazz
Get a record player
and put on the vinyl of
The Love Below
Slow dance in the middle of your bedroom

Love unconditionally
Love someone as much as they do you

Wake up on the wrong side of the bed
with a smile on your face
Dunk like Jordan
on whatever your rim might be

Scream "#DRIVETHRU!"
Speak Life
Complete a "Greg Shrug"



Trust yourself
Trust God

Spread wings
Open capes

Be Superman

Take flight

Ricky Bobby Interview

She stands there
looking like Hillary Banks
A goddess
with no intelligence
So dumb
you have to pronounce the B at the end
she is my friend
with curves that light up men's alleyways
I might be the only one to know her best curves
are the ones on her face
All of em
Even when she doesn't smile
I'm clearly infatuated with every part of her

Except when she stands there
Looking like Ricky Bobby
in his first interview
and says

"I'm not quite sure what to do with my hands"

She did more than just drop the ball
Chick thought we were playin soccer
And you know how low scoring a match can be
My team got shut out so much
My mornings started to look like replays
of the opening scene of
40 Year Old Virgin
At night I'd trade stares between a screen
filled with dancing flesh
and a bottle of lotion

"I'm not quite sure what to do with my hands"

I was doing squats
while holding the Olympic bar
that was our relationship
on the back of my neck
Horrible form
Before I knew it
I blew my back out
Trying to salvage something
that didn't exist
For anytime I asked her
to at least spot me
She would just stand there
And say

"I'm not quite sure what to do with my hands"

I don't know what's more frustrating
That or anytime she came to me crying
Anytime her debt outweighed her pockets
Anytime she didn't feel as beautiful as she is
Anytime she was lost
I'd put on my cape
Help her to her knees
And tell her to pray
She would just sit there
Arms imprisoned on her sides
And say

"I'm not quite sure what to do with my hands"

Fed up aren't the words
Exhausted isn't my mindframe
And disappointed will no longer
describe my heartbeats
I'm standing at a crossroads
with both grips on opposite ends of a wishbone

"It's not about me being alone
It's about a chance for me to one day
dance with her while she's in white
and our song is being played by a band

But I'm not quite sure what to do with my hands!"

A voice has appeared now
from air fairly thin and says

"Lift them"

I say
"Much obliged"
Extend my palms
And walk away


You're gonna have to do us all a favor
And shut the fuck up

It's not that we don't wanna hear what you have to say
We just don't want to smell it

Oh I know
You love the things you consume
But the same shit you swallow
is the exact description of your exhalations

That's what I get a whiff of when you speak
So when I say your words smell like
you've been eating baby skunks
I mean you've got hog piss for breath
Please just refrain from responding
Spare me the adventure of having to bathe
in a tub full of tomato juice

You claim that peppermints and gum
are the cure to your ailment
But that sounds like a beaver
trying to hold the Mississippi
with a wooden dam


I bet you have nightmares of being transparent
Don't you?
You afraid somebody might actually
listen, see, and care about you?


See there you go again!
Talkin til ya tongue's brown
You ever notice
how many faces frown
anytime your lips separate?
It's like the gates of hell
got painted with a double coat
of kerosene

Just lock it all the way up

I guarantee you got the
cemetery scene from Thriller
playing on repeat
in the back of your throat
I'd be lying if I said
I hope you don't choke on
the pieces of feces you
try to feed people

I could just walk away from you
But for some reason
I still care about you
And I anticipate the day
you vocally stop shoveling fertilizer
because it'll mean greener pastures

It's either that or I give you
this pack of TicTacs of truth
and you empty the container into your soul
and never chew

Say what you mean
Mean what you say
Stop taking shots of Sex Panther
And relieve yourself of your duties
of being a bullshitter

Prompt With Josh

I'm trying to keep my eyes clean

Not saying I want to go fully Ray Charles
To the things I see
But maybe Stevie Wonder
Blind in appearance
But underneath the shades
I can see just fine

My glasses are a filter
Sifting through the hate and lies
Allowing people to sympathize
What seems to be pain

Is it really a roux?
Is it a hoax?
Pretending to be blind to the b.s.
But actually fully grasping
the concept of the world today
Acting as if everything is alright
regardless of a condition that
appears to be there but isn't
in my eyes anyway
Giving hope to the blind
The naive

That's debatable

But I just want to keep my eyes clean

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

From: Her / To: Me (Love Letter)

I love how weird I thought you were when I met you
Not because of your personality or anything
but because you like to cuddle

I really love your poetry

I love the way you hold my hand
I love when you kiss my forehead
I love when you give me you jacket if I'm cold
I love when you let me take naps
for as long as I like
and if I do fall asleep
you always manage
to take my glasses off
without waking me

I love how much you love music
and how you know the words
to every song released before
the year 2000
I love how much you love comic books
and superheroes
and how you secretly want to be one
(I'm sorry, You ARE one!)

And I really love your poetry

I love that you want my opinion on your clothes
but you'll still wear
a Game of Thrones or Looney Tunes t-shirt
regardless of what I say
I love how silly you are at anytime
but you still know exactly
when to be serious

I love how you can be so selfless
in a world that's so selfish
How all your friends love you
How all my friends love you
How my parents call you their second child
the son they never had
Actually it creeps me out, it's disgusting
Stop it...
Stop being so damn adorable
I love how you can't help that

But I really love your poetry

I love how you're ok with a healthy amount
of our relationship being based on food
That you let me (keyword: let me)
be a better cook
That you accept my grumpiness
when I haven't eaten
and that you love when I refer to myself
as "The Baby" when this occurs

I love that you are willing to spend
your last dime on me...
Especially when "The Baby" is hungry

I love the sacrifices
the changes you've made for me
How you enjoy reality TV with me
(yes, a select few shows, I know)
How you used to be scared of dogs up
until we had our own
and even after she was gone
you still want another
(We are not naming your beagle Shiloh... smh)
You even changed the way you wear your hats
just for me
just because I found it sexy

I love the little things
Like how you make cups of tea
the way you look at me when I'm getting ready
when you give me the tiniest onion ring from your plate
how you console me
even when I don't want you near me
because you know it's what I need

But most of all
I love your poetry
I don't exactly mean your creative use of words
I mean the way you love me
the things you do for me

You have turned me
into one of your
Grand Slam winning pieces
And I want you to
Please just
allow your heart
to keep beating
to keep writing
for me


Seat Next To You

You mind if I take this seat next to you?

I've actually been meaning to speak with you
I think I've spent more time trying to figure out
the reasoning behind our separation rather
than trying to actually reach you
Which is pretty much what i'm trying to do now
Reach you
through cotton candy cumulus and supernovas

I've just wanted a seat next to you
as if you were the cool kid in class
everyone flocked to

I kinda have a confession
I used to mimic you
I wanted to be like you so much that
I bathed myself in the fragrance of your words
so that anytime I spoke
it would smell like something you would say
For some reason you were completely ok with this

Your confidence was uncanny
Somehow you knew
that following you
was completely the right thing
for me to do
Although it was impossible
for anyone to match you
you were flattered
by the attempts of imitations
The limitations of life
couldn't confine you
You were unique
and I'm sure you still are

There was a point when we were close right?
Best friends?
Brothers even...
Some might say we were becoming the same person
A shielded bond
Impenetrable, indestructible from the outside
The only way this machine could have malfunctioned
was from a glitch within the wires
which is exactly what happened

I got distracted

There were so many lights
Flashing, dancing
spinning, caressing
I became unfamiliar with what yours looked like

I can't even say I was displeased or sickened
by your look of disappointment in me
I didn't get a chance to see it
For anytime I looked at myself
in the mirror your existence
was missing

I need you to listen to me now

This is more than an apology
More than plea
This is two knees, two open palms
a stomach and a face
on the floor
This is me finally receiving the blueprints
to my life that was wrapped in a package
unopened at my front door

This is for you

My ode, my sonnet
My song of sacrifice to you

Thank you
for being the defibrillator
that recharged my smile
for being the ink my pen bleeds out
when the flow of my emotions clot
for being the lone whisper of reason
that I can make out
when I'm stuck in a room
full of banshees

I thank you
for showing me that you're real
That I'm not stupid for believing in you
But I might be a little for neglecting you

I just wanna sit next to you again
That's all

No gimmicks, no prolonged services
No miracle water from "TV-evangelists"
No misplaced sense of judgement
No ulterior money making motives

Just you

Grant me the serenity to not allow
remnants of closed books, empty pockets
broken bottles, butted blunts
and boxes of condoms
to forever be my legacy

I need to breathe peacefully again

and I know that starts with
you and I going back
to being friends

So, how bout it huh?

I can already see that my name
is still etched into that chair
that sits beside your throne

So, if it pleases you
I think I'll take my seat now,
next to You

Uncertain Pt. 2 (The Unknown)

The "Unknown"

That's what you're afraid of...


Not being sure of what's to come next
Lost without GPS
Out of the loop
Last page of the book ripped out
Final scene of the movie cut

I get it

Endings are essential for you

The definite outcome of events
are more important than
the events themselves

Trust, I know
It's not easy cycling
the Tour De France
and winning
if you're unaware of the
twists and turns
the race has to offer

But that's why you live
because as much as you would
love to throw in the world's face
that you have complete control of things
You really don't
and it's ok

Life is only your puppet by so much

Especially when it comes to love

See that?
Love is living in the unknown

Acknowledging that there's a risk
in the collaboration taking
an unexpected turn
into an unfamiliar and unpleasant realm
Yet still understanding that
despite this risk
regardless of this chance
the butterflies
the dreams
the sparks
the bliss
all of it
makes it
worth it

Trust it

Welcome that uneasy feeling
that makes you think twice on
whether or not
you should dive into this pool
It's cool, I do the same thing sometimes
But my answer to
"Are you sure?
Do you want this?"
never changes
But if i'm asked
"Does she?"

See, that's where I'm uncertain

That's where I think of closing curtains
at mediocre Broadway play
followed by a soft symphony
of cricket chirps and golf claps

That's a bit of a problem for me

I feel like love and uncertainty
should rarely be mentioned
in the same sentence
So pardon me
for having blood thinners
running through the I.V.
that's connected to my patience

Love is embracing your faith

It's embracing the belief that although
every once in a while may be healthy,
taking weekly breaks aren't really necessary
The belief that a tiny bit of selfishness
and a whole lot of generosity
can co-exist in harmony
The belief in the fact that the effort put into
true friendships, relationships, and marriages
aren't 50/50
It's 100 and 100 from both parties equally

All I ever wanted
since I met you
was to just be happy with you
and you with me
But it seems we're reading different books
Forget being on the same page

I'm exhausted
I'm tired
I'm tired of treading water
waiting for you to swim to me
while you are frozen in terror
standing only knee deep

I had no idea uncertainty was contagious
until the day I was diagnosed doubtful
of whether or not you can be called my world
any longer

I don't want to be scared of the unknown like you

I love you

But I guess that's the problem
It's happiness
It's passion
It's heaven
It's love

The "Me"

That's what you're afraid of...


Red Eye

My lenses are scorched
My cornea are crisp
My pupils are melting
My iris are aflame

The fires that dance behind
my line of sight
are no joke

is not the only thing
exhaling out of my nostrils

has become that one song
that comes on
and prompts me to leave
the dance floor
and grab a drink

Cyclops's visor
would come in handy
right about now

has weakened
my control of the beams

Brain implosion is imminent

Detonate the bombs
Destroy the dams
Embrace the rage
Bring the release

Allow oceans to roam free
to bring clouds down
out of skies
clarity into the stars

Here I Am (again)

Smokin Rick Ross
Sippin Strong Island
Sittin solo

Not a confinement at all
I'm fluent in the language of freedom here
Free is not only my favorite number
it's my domain
Restriction isn't allowed to set foot
on the welcome mat here

Name a time
you've ever seen
a content Superman
in chains

Power Trip

There's so much strength here

Remember the last time
I did this continuously?
I actually let someone join me after a while
That seat wasn't reserved for them
We learn from our mistakes don't we?

I just want free to equal me again

No more full circles
forget the pasts
focus the futures

feel free



Monday, June 24, 2013


I used to buy her flowers
Just because it was that particular day of the week
Just because her smile made me smile
and because I never did it with anyone else
Doubt she knew it
but it's true

Dying petals weren't my thing

I didn't see the point in buying beautiful bouquets
when after they'd die
they'd just be thrown away
But when you set the tone
for certain expectations in a relationship,
best believe you better remain consistent
Otherwise you'll start to look like a unicorn
with three heads
talking out the side of your neck of one
looking lost in the middle
and the last?
Oh he's sleep
He passed out when ya significant other asked
"Why don't you do what you did before anymore?"

I used to buy her flowers
but not the usual ones
Because I thought
a 1/2 dozen of essentials were better
food, gas, clothes, attention, time, love
Maybe I was wrong
Maybe I should've done more
But then again she kept taking each rose of
affection and transparency
one by one
and pulling off the petals of me
while chanting

"I love him, I love him not
I love him, I love him not
I love him, I love him.....
I love...
I don't know..."

I stopped bringing her flowers after that
Unappreciated thorns kept getting stuck
in my palms from holding the stems too long

Was it wrong of me to ask her to pull them out?
Was she wrong for ignoring my pain
and not even handing me tweezers
to do it myself?
and at this point

Who cares?

No one does
and I'm an exclamation point away
from giving a fuck either
At the end of the day
this is my choice

"Should I bring her flowers?

That's not the question

Of course I should
The choice
The question
is what i'm bringing flowers for

Is this my proposal?
For us to go back to the beginning of forever
where flowers, chocolate, fun, and love
were enough


Is this a funeral?
Am I bringing a bouquet to a grave
where companionship lays six feet deep
underneath the shoveling of
selfishness, mistrust, and weakness?

Regardless of the reasoning
I must make sure
that whatever I bring
smells incredibly
and especially unforgettably

The Wind

It captures me
Anytime I try to capture it
It always spills inbetween my fingers
No use crying over it
I tipped the glass into my temple willingly

The Wind

It isn't cold but you can see it
move like a bullet train
carrying passengers who,
unaware of the destination,
bought tickets
The train moves out of the tunnel
and into their coming out party
They are finally happy here
They've been stagnant at the station
for far too long

A power outage from within
prevents them from knowing
when the ride arrives
That is until a clock
turns from charcoal midnight
to amber dawn

"Here it comes..."

The Wind

It moves so freely here
A mobile nightclub
better than a party bus
or Diddy on his private jet

Watch it dance wickedly
like it doesn't have bones in its limbs
Freaking out
as if it just saw the universe and
it's their biggest fan

The wind, the wind
The Wind

can't be shackled by anything
but time
and water
and pain
and coughs

It breathes

Inhale hell
Exhale truth
Inhale kryptonite
Exhale myself
Inhale Wonder Woman
Exhale Lois Lane
Inhale life
Exhale heaven
Inhale life

The Wind

has led me here to you
Thank you Dream
for helping me convert
my nightmares into you
Next time I'm here
I pray you are too
So I can sample another one of your
favorite flavors of

The Wind

Monday, June 17, 2013

Warm Bodies

Stiff, slow moving
groaning, flesh eating

Ya ever date one?

It's kinda fun
They don't really have
much of a mind of their own
so you kind of help them along
lost puppy style

that's where the hunger takes in
When they begin to tear into your skin
and eat away at your emotions

You allow it

You welcome it because you figure
"in order to keep a zombie
I should become one myself"


A nice crack on the head proves
that humanity still lives within the undead
and that attaching yourself to someone
who refuses to live
is deadly in itself

I've happened to figure out
that even zombies like to cuddle
Guess you never really appreciate
how warm your body is
until you're laying next to one

It's not what you wanted
Not what you saw
Destiny wasn't supposed to be
conversing with death
But that bite
and taking that last breath
before your body went numb
showed you a lot didn't it?

You can't change who you really are
You either stay the same or evolve
into who you're denying yourself to be

Run into your humanity
the sun is so much brighter there

Solitary Confinement

This is not forced
This is not two prison guards carrying me away
because I shanked my inmate
This is Cast Away on purpose, No Wilson
This is a hot date with my soul
and she's looking gorgeous tonight

This is getting weird looks
This is saying "maybe next time" repeatedly
This is finding out who cares
and not caring who doesn't
This is Beyonce after Destiny's Child
Justin after N Sync

This is leaving the Justice League
This is riding roller coasters while listening to an ipod
This is packing notebooks full of emotions
This is celebrating a promotion with a cup of tea
This is not letting a breakup own me

This is taking the scenic route
This is finding a record player
This is the thirst at an all time high
This is wishing my parents never threw away
that teddy bear
This is rebirth and cutting my own umbilical
This is not taking medicine
and sweating out the sickness

This is not just a 9 to 5
This is midnight to 11:59
This is a haircut every two weeks
workouts four times a week
and cooking on sundays

This is detox

This is releasing the butterflies
This is Instagram pics with no tags
This is not relying on alcohol
This is abstinence
This is every waitress feeling curious
This is purgatory between being a hero and a villian

This is going to bed at a decent hour
This is continually being in a room full of strangers
This is Kobe taking over, No assists
This is LeBron in Cleveland
This is Bedside Baptist
This is not receiving advice
This is still being nice enough to say hello

This is saving money
This is reading books
This is going back to school
This is not being homesick
This is letting my phone die
This is discipline
This is routine and organization

This is not social network

This is not loneliness

This is self inflicted exile

This is putting on muscle spiritually
This is toasts to empty chairs
This is a serenade by own breaths

This is not for you

This is knowing God
This is prayer
This is letting go
This is who I am

This is freedom

This is life

For now...

Tricky Thing

Time is a tricky thing
A wicked commodity
A free bird
Always been a factor with us right?

Like seeing Harry Potter at the theaters?
Or exchanging gifts for Christmas?
Or our first date and we talked about
when we first met?

Now that's a story too

Guy sees girl at a bar
Guy thinks girl is gorgeous but is too scared
because of guys surrounding her
The night goes on and suddenly
guy and girl are intertwined in conversation
More like a roast
of the world around them

An uncanny connection
An undeniable feeling
Living proof that
simultaneous heartbeats
do exist

Until a decision would be made
that severed the transmission
between the radios
that were playing each other's
favorite love song

Since then
Gods have been acknowledged
homes have been packed and moved
and children have been created and given
a chance to dance in the sun
And now we're here
reconnected like lego pieces
trying to rebuild something
there's no instructions for

But the one thing that's constant
is that time is a tricky thing
Sometimes I know things would've been different
if we both listened to the serenity
that was the open sea of our souls
instead of the crashing waves
on the sandy beaches in our brains

What's unknown is the amount of bliss
pouring from our pores
if different songs were sung
We cant waste any more
of the most important resource known to man
than we already have

So let's just be
and just build
Til skyscrapers turn into anthills
Til clouds become our beds
and stars are our next door neighbors
Til Heaven is that apartment
that lives above us
blasting great music
and smelling of amazing cooking

I wish I could tell you how the story ends
I can't
All I can conclude is that
and love
are all very tricky things