A Heartfelt Welcome

To those of you who call me friend, those of you that call me love, those of you who call me brother, those of you that call me son, those of you who call me hero, & those of you who don't know me at all: I welcome you to the mind of a man who's destined to save the world...
1 word at a time.

Monday, September 16, 2013


They say "they always come back ya know?"
I say "If an old flame always comes back
then the fire was never put to rest
in the first place"

Everyone has a "The One That Got Away"
Everyone has a flame they want to play with again
And they completely forget how they got burned
Maybe they remember
Maybe the wounds serve as reminders
and no one really wants multiple third degree burns

So we stomp out campfires
cut off stoves
and douse out bonfires
in hopes that we can move along
without being blackened
by love's heatwave

Until a new match is lit
and for some reason
this fire looks a little different
It flickers in a way unseen
Crackles in a way unheard
And steams in a warmth unfelt

But again we forget it's still a flame

And once we come to the realization
of what's exactly in front of us
We like to play firefighter
Going into buildings set ablaze
to save whomever is in peril

9 times out of 10
It's our own soul that's laying down
Stuck under the table
Afraid to move because everything around us
is withering away before our very eyes
We already inhaled the smoke into our minds
and we don't wanna melt our hearts either

When it's over
When your world has turned to ashes
When your organs have healed
When your skin has regrown
It's understandable why one
might put back on
fireproof gear and walk alone

"Stay away from the flames," they say

I say "Old and New... True...
but it gets cold sometimes"

I say to anyone
If you want warmth in your life
If you wish to dance in the flickering lights
If you're a pyro who attracts that which makes you who you are
Then the only way you can love again
is for you to spontaneously combust

Become a flame
to another flame
and burn


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