A Heartfelt Welcome

To those of you who call me friend, those of you that call me love, those of you who call me brother, those of you that call me son, those of you who call me hero, & those of you who don't know me at all: I welcome you to the mind of a man who's destined to save the world...
1 word at a time.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Here I Am (again)

Smokin Rick Ross
Sippin Strong Island
Sittin solo

Not a confinement at all
I'm fluent in the language of freedom here
Free is not only my favorite number
it's my domain
Restriction isn't allowed to set foot
on the welcome mat here

Name a time
you've ever seen
a content Superman
in chains

Power Trip

There's so much strength here

Remember the last time
I did this continuously?
I actually let someone join me after a while
That seat wasn't reserved for them
We learn from our mistakes don't we?

I just want free to equal me again

No more full circles
forget the pasts
focus the futures

feel free



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