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To those of you who call me friend, those of you that call me love, those of you who call me brother, those of you that call me son, those of you who call me hero, & those of you who don't know me at all: I welcome you to the mind of a man who's destined to save the world...
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hollywood On Broadway

A shining star
With smooth edges
And all 5 points


They call her Hollywood

She glides across
Each stage she walks on
Whether she's stepping or strolling
Or just walking down the sidewalk

Cameras always flash
when she's present
Her presence brings out
Amateur paparazzi

Hollywood is what they see

But Broadway is what she has been
Still is presently internally
And what she'll always be
To me

Gritty in the heart of the city
Able to adapt to any script given to her
Not worried about image or people's inquiries
All the drama is left on curb
Before she walks into the theater

Broadway is what I see in her

Only the rare few can truly appreciate her
The talent
The precision
The effort
The drive
The show
I hope she knows this though

Broadway is her spirit's freedom

The glitz and glam of stardom
Might be what's in today
I'm not knockin it though
Because it might be here to stay

But think about this
I love how
A lot of actors and actresses
Somehow find their way
Starring in a play
Bringing their
Hollywood On Broadway

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