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Monday, May 14, 2012

2012 Loser Slam Finals

Hello people!

Sorry I've been a little distant for the past couple of months... I've been kinda busy getting prepared for this competition that was kinda important... But it's all done now the smoke has cleared and it's onto the next chapter... May 9th 2012 will be a night I always remember... I participated in my 1st Finals Slam competition and placed 2nd!!! I'm excited because of a bunch of things... I kinda flubbed in the 1st round and thought I blew my chances but in the next two rounds I redeemed myself to be named 1st Runner-Up... Also, and most importantly... I'M GOING TO THE NATIONAL POETRY SLAM!!!! Being that I placed within the top 4 of poets competing, I'm on the Loser Slam national team and will be representing NJ in the NPS in Charlotte, NC on Aug. 6th-11th.... COMPLETELY STOKED!!! All the hard work has paid off like you wouldn't believe... This summer is going to be epic... and you guys are definitely welcome to tag along for the ride.... Until things get jump-started here's videos of my performances that put me in the position I'm in... Enjoy!

"Why We Sing" (Round 1)

"Pass Me Not" (Round 2)

"Thank Ya Kindly, Papermate" (Final Round)

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